A convergent desktop environment.
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A convergent desktop environment.

Unity 8

How to install

The latest development preview of Unity8 for desktop can be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) and 18.04 (bionic) as follows:

  1. Run the install script
bash <(wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ubports/unity8-desktop-install-tools/master/install.sh)
  1. Reboot, select "unity8" at the login prompt, and enjoy :)

NOTE: The above installation instructions currently only work on Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) and 18.04 (bionic). Please be aware that the script will install the latest development preview of Unity8 for desktop. Expect bugs! Only install this preview if you understand the risks and are willing/able to fix your system if the preview breaks anything. You are advised not to install this preview onto a production system.

See CODING for build instructions.

Where to report issues

Issues related to the version of Unity8 for desktop (the latest development preview) installed using the above instructions should be reported on the Unity8 issue tracker in this repository.

Note that issues related to the version of Unity8 that currently runs on Ubuntu Touch devices should NOT be reported in this repository, but instead should be reported on the Ubuntu Touch issue tracker. This will change once Ubuntu Touch moves to the latest version of Unity8.

What works / what does not work

This list is incomplete, please help improve it

What works:

  • Most Wayland apps work
  • Many report being able to log in using LightDM, but may require a few attempts

Does not work:

  • Most Xapps don't (yet) work
  • Proprietary drivers don't (yet) work
  • Many report being unable to log in using GDM

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