Search, browse & filters

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Search, browse & filters

Few notes about what/where is searched and how to configure it.


SolrServiceImpl creates all the solr documents for the "search" core. It adds a field for each metadata record and other fields based on facet/filter configuration.

for more details see

(advanced) search

This applies for what you type in the search box. By default all metadata fields are in the search index. To prevent a field from being added to the search index, add its name to config/modules/discovery.cfg. Currently only dc.description.provenance is ignored.

facets and filters

These are configured in config/spring/spring-dspace-addon-discovery-configuration-services.xm where you create filters/facet by mapping to certain metadata field.

For the facet "... View More" functionality, or more precisely its search by prefix (xmlui/search-filter?field=language), it seems necessary to maintain certain "value schema" (value.toLowerCase()|||value). Be sure you test it properly when you need to add another facet type...


From right handed menu Browse->All of the Repository

configured via dspace.cfg; this creates database tables/indexes in postgres (in our case). Currently conatins:

webui.browse.index.1 = dateissued:item:dateissued
webui.browse.index.2 = author:metadata:dc.contributor.*,dc.creator:text
webui.browse.index.3 = title:item:title 
webui.browse.index.4 = subject:metadata:dc.subject.*:text
webui.browse.index.5 = publisher:metadata:dc.publisher:text
webui.browse.index.6 = language:metadata:dc.language.iso:text
webui.browse.index.7 = type:metadata:dc.type:text
webui.browse.index.8 = rights:metadata:dc.rights.label:text

details at

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