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If the data should be exported in OpenAIRE dataset, is chosen by the user during submission by selecting the appropriate European project that funded it. The suggestion box appears after typing the preset number of characters (usually project id or name). At least 4 chars are needed at the time being. Lower numbers leads to quite a lot of false positives as the search is done using “contains”.


The edit metadata section uses a bit different mechanism. After you’ve added the dc.relation field, enter your search term as the value and click lookup

A new window will open where you can select the project. Use reasonable search terms (id or name) as only 10 first matches are shown.

Implementation notes

xoai.xml defines a new context called oai/openaire_data (instead of the old oai/request). This allows the export in oai_datacite metadataformat and defines openaire_data set which is required by the guidelines. Only the items having a dc.relation fields starting with info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/FP are exported through this context.

datacite_openaire.xsl currently only the mandatory and mandatory when applicable fields are exported. With one exception - RelatedIdentifier. None of the recommended and optional fields is implemented.

metadata notes

  • creators - mapped from, probably not sorted according to importance as the guidelines suggests.
  • publicationYear - using year from, some suggest year of embargo end should be used when embargo is in place
  • contributor with type funder - mapped from dc.relation where the info:eu-repo… value is stored
  • dates
    • Issued -
    • Accepted - When item is embargoed this is the start of the embargo period.
    • Available - either or local.embargo.termslift. This indicates the end of embargo period.
  • rights - display embargoedAccess for items with embargo, restrictedAccess for items (licenses) wanting extra information, openAccess for the rest. Displays also the license uri
  • description type Abstract - using dc.description
  • identifier, title and publisher are straight forward

Some extra info was added to the oai solr. Rebuild of oai solr is needed.


The authority control is enabled in dspace.cfg, it’s a self named plugin. Note that the field name (dc.relation in this case) is used also in the messages.xml.

The openaire authority addon uses a webservice to obtain the list of projects. It caches the list locally, cronjob is needed to refresh this list and bin/openaire-refresh-list should be run after the first deploy


projects.filename = ${dspace.dir}/config/openaire-cache.list
projects.url = ""
# Minimum of chars to start searching on the list (default >= 4)
projects.suggest.minchar = 4
# Maximum of projects listed (default <= 10)
projects.suggest.max = 10

dspace.cfg = \
+   org.dspace.content.authority.OpenAIREAuthority = OpenAIRE

+choices.plugin.dc.relation = OpenAIRE
+choices.presentation.dc.relation = suggest
+choices.closed.dc.relation = true
+authority.controlled.dc.relation = true


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