[Deprecated see github.com/janestreet/hardcaml] Register Transfer Level Hardware Design in OCaml
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Hardcaml Has A New Home!

Hardcaml is now developed at Jane Street!

The various hardcaml libraries that lived under the ujamjar organisation will be released under Jane Street in the coming months.

Deprecated version

Build Status

HardCaml is an OCaml library for designing hardware.

  • Express hardware designs in OCaml
  • Make generic designs using higher order functions, lists, maps, functors...
  • Simulate designs in OCaml
  • Convert to VHDL, Verilog, C
  • Write new modules to transform or analyse circuits, or provide new backends

Try it online!


With opam

$ opam install hardcaml

The package (optionally) depends on camlp4 for the syntax extension and ctypes-foreign for the C based simulator. The js_of_ocaml library requires lwt and js_of_ocaml

To build locally use

$ ocaml pkg/pkg.ml build --with-camlp4 [true|false] --with-ctypes-foreigh [true|false] --with-lwt [true|false] --with-js_of_ocaml [true|false]

An IOcamlJS notebook kernel can also be built with

$ ocamlbuild kernel.hardcaml.js

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