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Plugin to implement password requirements for PKP OJS/OMP
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Better Password plugin for OJS/OMP

This plugin provides additional password restriction options when users are selecting their own password. NIST recommends the following for passwords:

  • Establishing a minimum length
  • Not limiting allowed characters
  • Not requiring arbitrary complexity rules
  • Checking passwords against known weak passwords
  • Rate limiting failed password attempts

Additional arbitrary password complexity requirements are available, but not recommended.


  • OJS/OMP 3.1.2 or later


Install this as a "generic" plugin in OJS. The preferred installation method is through the Plugin Gallery. To install manually via the filesystem, extract the contents of this archive to a "betterPassword" directory under "plugins/generic" in your OJS root. To install via Git submodule, target that same directory path: git submodule add plugins/generic/betterPassword and git submodule update --init --recursive plugins/generic/betterPassword. Run the upgrade script to register this plugin, e.g.: php tools/upgrade.php upgrade

Login as a Site Administrator and navigate to any context. Enable the plugin via Login -> Settings -> Website -> Plugins -> Better Password -> Enable.

To configure the plugin, you will need to select what types of restrictions you want to enable.

Author / License

Written by Clinton Graham for the University of Pittsburgh. Copyright (c) University of Pittsburgh.

Released under a license of GPL v2 or later.

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