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Extensible enterprise-level front-end application framework.


  1. umi Public

    🌋 Pluggable enterprise-level react application framework.

    TypeScript 11.5k 1.9k

  2. plugins Public

    🍣 The one-stop shop for official Umi plugins and presets.

    TypeScript 207 161

  3. dumi Public

    📖 Documentation Generator of React Component

    TypeScript 1.8k 688

  4. qiankun Public

    📦 🚀 Blazing fast, simple and complete solution for micro frontends.

    TypeScript 11k 1.3k

  5. father Public

    Library toolkit based on rollup and babel.

    JavaScript 1.1k 160

  6. A request tool based on fetch.

    JavaScript 1.7k 275