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Releases: utPLSQL/utPLSQL-SQLDeveloper

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.4.1

25 Jul 13:35
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  • #157 Missing line break after suite annotation in generator skeleton template
  • Produces lowercase statement when running utPLSQL in worksheet

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.4.0

27 Feb 11:40
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  • #143 Show disabled reason in realtime reporter (requires utPLSQL v3.1.13 or newer)


  • #133 Synchronize width of time column in table and tree-table view

  • #134 New defaults for realtime reporter preferences

    Checked instead of unchecked values for the following preferences:

    • Show disabled counter?
    • Show warning counter?
    • Show info counter?
    • Show warning indicator?
    • Show info indicator?
    • Show description (if present)?

    This has only an effect on new SQL Developer installations, existing preferences are kept as is.

  • #145 Updated code templates

    • Use Arrange-Act-Assert pattern in SQLDev and oddgen code templates for test bodies
    • Use lower case code in SQLDev and oddgen code templates
    • Use lower case in generated file names
    • Revised snippets according utPLSQL 3.1.12


  • #131 Node description unnecessarily truncated in tree-table view
  • #136 Cannot build project when libraries are not found at the location used for the oddgen SQLDev extension
  • #138 Empty utPLSQL realtime reporter when Show description (if present) is unchecked in the preferences
  • #140 Multiple spaces are replaced by single spaces in failure message

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.3.1

04 Jan 20:12
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  • #118 Special characters (spaces) are not shown correctly in last run combo box
  • #124 Double click does not open test package
  • #125 Extension changes the default Locale to en.US
  • #126 Wrong suite descriptions for top-level suites (above packages)

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.3.0

03 Jan 16:25
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  • #65 Alternative hierarchical view

    • The new tree-table view shows the all suites as a hierarchy. Tests are always leafs. Suites with the same parent identifier are collapsed to a single node, even if the suite is executed more than once (e.g. when starting utPLSQL with a list of tests). In such a case the suite specific data is aggregated.
    • Sorting rows is not supported in the tree-table view. Beside that all features work as in the table view. The settings are applied always on both views (e.g. filter successful/disabled tests, show/hide columns).
    • Suitepaths are optimized before calling utPLSQL. This means that the selected suites and tests are reduced to an optimal list to avoid that tests are executed multiple times.
    • New package_folder button on the toolbar to switch between hierarchical view (shows suites and tests) and tabular view (shows tests only). You can press the button anytime, even during runs. The selected row is preserved when a single suite/test is selected (for suites the first child is considered).
    • New PopUp Menu entry Show suites (hierarchical view of tests)? in the test overview section. Same action as via toolbar.
    • Updated icons with a common flat design statussuccessfailureerrordisabledwarninginfo
    • New preference Show suites (hierarchical view of tests)? in the Realtime Reporter section.
  • #110 Use local assets for code coverage report for offline usage


  • #118 Special characters are not shown correctly in last run combo box.
  • Hyperlinks in warning and info fields are activated via any mouse event (should work on mouse click only)
  • Flickering with multiple, parallel runs (do not switch between uncompleted runs).

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.2.1

18 Oct 11:08
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  • #111 Run utPLSQL test greyed out in Schema Browser (other schema and own schema)
  • #113 Wrong Format of utPLSQL Code Templates
  • #116 Cannot run utPLSQL tests in the background anymore

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.2.0

07 Jun 13:37
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  • #87 - Debug utPLSQL tests

    • New context menu item Debug utPLSQL test... in
      • Connections window
      • PL/SQL editor
      • Worksheet
      • Realtime Reporter
    • New "Debug" button on the toolbar of Realtime Reporter
    • Change default initialization timeout from 60 seconds to 60 minutes when running tests in the debugger
    • New "Stop" button on the toolbar of Realtime Reporter, aborts any test run
  • #102 - Run utPLSQL tests with code coverage

    • Run code coverage together with realtime reporter
    • New context menu item Code coverage... in Realtime Reporter
    • New "Code coverage" button on the toolbar of the Realtime Reporter


  • #101 - Replace Xtend with Java


  • #99 - Code coverage is not working with access to dba_objects but no access to dba_dependencies
  • #107 - Crash of Realtime Report when server output contains CDATA sections

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.1.1

14 Mar 13:22
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  • #86 - Missing checkmark in popup menu on Windows with Windows Look & Feel
  • #89 - Cannot navigate to failed test with throws annotation
  • #93 - Coverage Report may throw ORA-20000: ORU-10027: buffer overflow, limit of 1000000 bytes

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.1.0

22 Aug 23:37
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  • #60 - Snippets for utPLSQL annotations and expectations
    • New groups in Snippet view
      • utPLSQL Annotations
      • utPLSQL Expectations
    • Import snippets from preference dialog
      • Merge into UserSnippets.xml
      • Existing user snippets (with different group names) are preserved
    • Add to test code by drag and drop (SQL Developer feature)
  • #66 - Show overall elapsed time during test run
    • Shown at the upper right corner
    • Updated every 100 milliseconds
    • At the end of the test the runtime provided by utPLSQL is shown, this time is lower, since the initialization time is not accounted for
  • #67 - Use smart times
    • Change units to avoid leading zeros, e.g. 4 ms instead of 0.004 s
    • Configurable within the utPLSQL preference dialog
  • #73 - Filter tests in overview table according result status
    • Defaults defined in utPLSQL preference dialog
      • Show successful tests?
      • Show disabled tests?
    • Checkbox menu items in popup menu of the overview table
      • Show successful tests
      • Show disabled tests


  • #63 - Simplify code coverage when running tests in other schemas
    • Reduce need to define Schema under test
    • Default dependencies shown in Include objects are qualified with schema names
  • #64 - Show error message when utPLSQL is not installed when running Realtime Reporter
  • #70 - Hint that Realtime Reporter requires utPLSQL v3.1.4 or higher
    • Add hint in the Preference dialog for Use Realtime Reporter?
    • Opens a worksheet when an older utPLSQL version is used
  • #74 - Reduce flickering when running tests with a scrollbar in the overview table
  • #76 - Faster enable/disable of Run utPLSQL test menu option
    • Relevant when preference Check availablity of menu option is set for Run utPLSQL test
    • Requires utPLSQL v3.1.8 or higher


  • #80 - Realtime reporter produces no output
    • No tests found after a timeout of 60 seconds
    • Fixed by starting the producer thread after the consumer thread

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v1.0.0

06 Jul 17:04
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  • #6 - Run utPLSQL tests in a dedicated utPLSQL view
    • Realtime reporter as dockable window
    • Green progress bar while all tests succeed
    • Red progress bar when one or more tests failed or errored
    • Asynchronous test execution
    • Continuously updated test results (in near realtime)
    • Browse through test overview (keys Up, Down, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End or scroll wheel)
    • Open test package in the PL/SQL editor on double-click
    • Sort tests by status, indicators, suitepath/description, execution time
    • Reset sort order (by test execution)
    • Show common suitepath prefix in column header
    • Hyperlinks for code references in test details tabs (failures, errors, warnings and info)
    • Report warning and info messages on suite level in last test of a suite
    • Synchronize test details tab based on selected test and its status
    • Enable/disable counters per run (disabled, warnings, info)
    • Enable/disable indicators per test (warnings, info)
    • Enable/disable test description in overview
    • Run tests in parallel (is useful for independent tests only)
    • Rerun all tests (in same window or in a new worksheet)
    • Rerun selected tests (in same window or in a new worksheet)
    • History of last test runs
    • Clear history of last test runs (except currently selected run)
    • Requires utPLSQL v3.1.4 or higher (otherwise tests run in a worksheet)
  • Preferences
    • Use realtime reporter?
    • Realtime reporter preferences
      • Number of runs in history
      • Show disabled counter?
      • Show warnings counter?
      • Show info counter?
      • Show warning indicator?
      • Show info indicator?
      • Show description (if present)?
      • Synchronize detail tab based on test status?


  • Updated utPLSQL logo in context menu
  • Preferences grouped in tabs
    • Run utPLSQL test
    • Realtime Reporter
    • Generate utPLSQL test
    • oddgen


  • #59 - Always use the utPLSQL annotation API to identify a test based on the cursor position within a PL/SQL editor

utPLSQL for SQL Developer v0.7.1

25 Nov 03:38
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  • #54 oddgen "Run test" view under "All Suitepaths": show package icon only for parents of test procedures
  • #55 oddgen "Run test" view under "All Suites": Include suites without tests
  • #56 "Run utPLSQL test" is disabled for suites without test