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Cinelerra-CVE is a fork of Cinelerra-CV.
This file contains information about Cinelerra-CVE 2.3.5
The sources are available at

This file describes status of Cinelerra-CVE as of Feb 1, 2020


About this branch.

Changes in this branch

Known problems (eg todo list)

About this branch

This branch is a attempt to make Cinelerra more stabile - no hangups
no crashes.

Currently this branch is under development. There is no warranty
that it is usable to create or finish any project. Parts of the program
may work, parts not.

This branch is developed and tested on Ubuntu 14.04 x86-32 and 
Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64

Main change in this branch is display locking. The change was
huge and locking issues are hard to test.
Another huge change implementation of pts based timing. This enables
to edit media with variable framerate and get rid of assumption
that audio and video start simultaneously.

The branch is backward compatible - it can load projects created with
Cinelerra-CV, the result may be somehow different.
The projects saved by Cinelerra-CVE can not be loaded to any other forks
of Cinelerra

Manual under doc directory is from Cinelerra-CV 2.1 version and unchanged.
It is still usable as a general introduction and a recommended reading.
Some details may differ.

Changes of this fork:

- changed size of Preferences window to fit it on 800 px height
- edit_font_color initialization of S.U.V
- more info in assert info window
- removed BC_Windowevents (now 6 threads less)
- fixed all of GCC warnings
- fixed timebar cursor updating of viewer and compositor
- trace subsystem was rewritten to static buffers, added backtrace
    dump on crash
- composer and viewer always display the frame starting at the time 
    shown on clock. Frame displayed does not depend on
    forward/backward direction.
- goto window honours the time format
- lots of cleanups
- new one-line internal api for error messages (macros errormsg
    and errorbox)
- cleanup: removed unused sources from cinelerra, guicast, plugins
- multiline comments of clips and labels are not truncated
- implemented pts based timing on video and audio making possible
    projects without constant framerate
- improved synchronization with Alsa output: no jumping around on playback
- removed playback direction dependancy from core rendering
- replaced samplerate based timing with clock based timing
- implemented new API and support macros of all plugins, removed old API
- implemented pts in renderfarm
- created all kind of Null plugins as templates for new plugins
- removed broken plugins including plugins importing from devices
- all configured ALSA PCM devices are selectable
- some improvements and fixes of the build system
- removed all input devices, only editing media from local disk
    is supported
- new plugin C41
- removed confusing "default keyframe", most of its functions moved to the
    first keyframe (increased incompatibility with other branches)
- removed the check of the value in /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax,
    modern distributions should have a reasonable default there
- new overlay engine and resampler by Monty Montgomery
- included Hermann Vosseler's Bezier Patch
- implemented UTF-8 and locale support
- freetype2/xft is the only font rendering system
- using improved images for cinelerra logo and icon
- new plugin: Blue Banana color grading/correction filter
- replaced all decoding and encoding with AVlibs (ffmpeg libraries)
- program may be linked to external (system) AVlibs
- AVlibs from ffmpeg 2.8 to 3.4 are supported
- OpenGl support is almost removed, will be rewritten
- improved Russian translations (thanks to Igor Vladimirsky aka igor_ubuntu)
- new GuideLines system for plugins
- support of aspect ratio
- optimized EDL internal manipulation
    (EDL structures are now permanent - never removed)
- rewrited Crop feature - it is now a normal keyframeable effect
    (only 16bit color models are supported)
- multichannel plugins get (m) after their name in plugin dialog
- implemented master track idea
- internally only full range colors are used
- trimming should be fixed, a lot of other bugs are fixed
- automatic backup is configurable, can be turned off
- plugins are loaded when used - 120k memory is freed
- reel name is replaced with EDL info - user can give edl a name
    and write a short description

Known problems (todo list)
- optimize playback
- use internally only 16bit per color colormodels
- restore OpenGL support of playback and hopefully rendering
- new API of plugins and macros need some documentation

Bug reporting.
I am very interested in reports of crashes and hangs.
To help debug cinelerra, start it from terminal. If cinelerra hangs,
press Ctrl-C. Copy output to mail and send it to me.
It will be fine if you can describe setps to reproduce crash or hang 
of cinelerra.

Einar Rünkaru