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GPU-powered, highly performant large-scale data visualization

docs is designed to simplify high-performance, WebGL2/WebGPU based visualization of large data sets. Users can quickly get impressive visual results with minimal effort by composing existing layers, or leverage's extensible architecture to address custom needs. maps data (usually an array of JSON objects) into a stack of visual layers - e.g. icons, polygons, texts; and look at them with views: e.g. map, first-person, orthographic. handles a number of challenges out of the box:

  • Performant rendering and updating of large data sets
  • Interactive event handling such as picking, highlighting and filtering
  • Cartographic projections and integration with major basemap providers
  • A catalog of proven, well-tested layers is designed to be highly customizable. All layers come with flexible APIs to allow programmatic control of each aspect of the rendering. All core classes such are easily extendable by the users to address custom use cases.


Script Tag

<script src=""></script>

NPM Module

npm install

Pure JS



pip install pydeck

Third-Party Goodies

Learning Resources

Contributing is part of, an OpenJS Foundation project. Read the contribution guidelines if you are interested in contributing.


Data sources

Data sources are listed in each example.

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