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ARChon Custom Runtime Guide

ARChon runtime lets you run unlimited number of Android APKs created with chromeos-apk on Chrome OS and across any desktop platform that supports Chrome.

Warning: The custom runtime will replace the official runtime component. To go back to the official runtime you will need to uninstall the custom one and reinstall the official one.

Visit for latest releases

  • Download the runtime that is appropriate for your system:
Runtime Download
ARChon 1.2 - Intel x86 Chrome 64-bit / Chrome OS 64-bit BitBucket :: Mirror MD5:d77b468339cc512e121c003cc97715db
ARChon 1.2 - Intel x86 Chrome 32-bit / Chrome OS 32-bit (Win7 32-bit: Use something like Chrome Beta 38.0.2125.77 beta-m) BitBucket :: Mirror MD5:9c9844e2591a27d952098581011a2bce
ARChon 1.2 - ARM (i.e ARM-based Chromebooks) BitBucket :: Mirror MD5:3d6955c7702baf1e1d16a000d9f67b10
  • Unzip it, Load it as an unpacked extension.

- (Try out this pre-packaged open source game: [2048-ARChon.APK]( by [Uberspot]( and load it as an unpacked extension. Press "Launch", ignore warnings.) - To load custom applications, make sure you have `chromeos-apk@2.0.0` or higher. (Update using `npm install -g chromeos-apk@latest`). See []( for more help with the `chromeos-apk` tool. - Create your custom APKs with the ARChon flag: `chromeos-apk`. This will create an app directory for you. - Load as many APKs as you want as unpacked extensions on any platform of your choice.


Google Play Services

Load additional files

  • Put any additional files into /vendor/chromium/crx/, those would be accessible within the app environment
  • OBB files, one way: enable the enableAdb flag in manifest.json, adb push /<package>/<some.obb> /storage/sdcard/Android/obb/<package>/<some.obb>

Convert older apps created with chromeos-apk tool to ARChon runtime.

  • Remove the "key" parameter from manifest.json.

Uninstalling ARChon

  • Remove the component and all applications that depend on it from chrome://extensions using the "Remove" button.
  • Chrome OS: Reinstall an app such as Evernote to get the official runtime.

ARChon source

ARChon source is hosted here: It's on BitBucket because GitHub has a 100mb file limit. Feel free to hack on ARChon and tweak it.

Changing app resolution

Tweak the runtime in 2 places: You need to change the tablet resolution values in these 2 places: and

Find tablet: {"long": 1280, "short": 800}, tweak it, fit your resolution, reload the run time.

Tweak Apps

Add "resize": "scale" to "arc_metadata" in manifest.json.

How to adjust font size

  1. Modify the two files (gen_index.min.js and gen_main.min.js).

  2. Search a.prototype.computeValues_.

  3. Change the value of a.prototype.computeValues_.

  4. Let the value c double. Just like the following codes.

a.prototype.computeValues_ = function (a) {
    var c = 2*window.devicePixelRatio / getCurrentZoom() 

Read the manifest guide for more advanced tweaks.

Older downloads

These are downloads for previous versions of ARChon

Runtime Download
ARChon 1.1 - Intel x86 Chrome 64-bit / Chrome OS 64-bit (OSX: Use this in Chrome Canary) BitBucket :: GitHub MD5:d409801cac97cdff9ea6aad468ddc927
ARChon 1.1.1 - Intel x86 Chrome 32-bit / Chrome OS 32-bit (OSX: Use this in Chrome Stable) (Win7 32-bit: Use something like Chrome Beta 38.0.2125.77 beta-m) BitBucket :: GitHub MD5:5780637446ba941bd2969756f56f9671
ARChon 1.1 - ARM (i.e ARM-based Chromebooks) BitBucket :: GitHub MD5:d0a69d822399545ff67292b50f8c4047
ARChon 1.0 - Intel x86 64-bit BitBucket MD5:3bd2e6014a0cba0b1ee3c69462a9b46d
ARChon 1.1 - Intel x86 Chrome 32-bit / Chrome OS 32-bit (OSX: Use this in Chrome Stable) BitBucket :: GitHub MD5:873c4d116eabd1a5ebedec65d11d6d8a