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Photon Controller and Photon Platform

VMware Photon Controller forms part of VMware Photon Platform, a highly scalable multi-tenant control plane for cloud-native applications. Photon Platform includes VMware ESXi, VMware Lightwave security services, VMware NSX-T, VMware vSAN, and Photon Controller.

Photon Controller is designed for running modern workloads, such as container-based applications. It furnishes an API, a CLI, and a UI to manage infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Kubernetes as a service. You can create virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters to securely run cloud-native applications and containerized workloads at scale.

For more information, see the Photon Platform FAQ.

Download and Install Photon Platform

An installation of Photon Platform requires two components: Photon Controller and ESXi. Both the fully licensed vSphere version of ESXi and the free ESXi hypervisor are supported.

Is It Production Ready?

Yes. Photon Platform is part of the Pivotal-VMware Cloud-Native Stack, an integrated platform-as-a-service solution that combines Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Photon Platform to deliver a complete cloud-native software stack.

The architecture of Photon Platform favors scalability, high churn, and self-healing of the infrastructure over a rich feature set for compatibility with existing systems.

For more information, see the Photon Platform Data Sheet.

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