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An alternative way for circumvention and privacy!

Undetectable VPN for ordinary users and experts. VpnHood is a solution to bypass Advanced Firewalls and circumvent deep packet inspection. VpnHood has been created entirely from scratch in C#.

Client Download

It is available for Windows and Android. the iOS client still needs to be ready!

Client Features

  • Easy Installation; Just install and press connect
  • Undetectable on private IPs
  • Fast
  • Split Tunneling by Apps & Countries
  • Windows (x64) 10, 11
  • Android, Android TV
  • IPv6*

Server Features

  • No Network configuration or knowledge is required
  • No Admin privilege is required
  • Hot Restart (User sessions' will not close on restart)
  • Built-In User Management
  • Built-In NAT with zero configuration
  • NetScan Protector
  • Windows (x64) 10, 11, or Windows Server
  • Linux

Developer Features

  • Open source (LGPL License)
  • Completely in .NET
  • Highly Customizable
  • Easily Embed into your .NET app
  • Extendable User Management via REST API
  • Component-based via Nuget packages
  • Open the solution with Visual Studio and build

IPv6 Support

VpnHood supports IPv6, but in Windows, you need to be already on the IPv6 network, so all your network traffic will be tunneled through VpnHood. In Windows, you will not have access to IPv6 sites if your network is not already configured to use IPv6. In Android, however, you will get an Ipv6 address and access to all IPv6 sites regardless of your network configuration.

FAQ & Documents

Please check our Wiki to see the VpnHood documents.


You are always welcome!

Supported Server

Windows Linux

Special Thanks

  • SharpPcap: Fully managed, cross platform .NET library for capturing packets from live and file based devices.
  • WinDivert: a user-mode packet capture-and-divert package for Windows.
  • EmbedIO: A tiny, cross-platform, module based web server for .NET.
  • Advanced Installer: Installer tools for Windows.