0.11.0: Cowboy Bebop

@yyx990803 yyx990803 released this Nov 7, 2014 · 1560 commits to dev since this release

0.11.0 is rewritten from the ground up and contains many breaking changes. Please read through the change list before upgrading.

Vuejs.org has been updated to match 0.11.0 API; Docs for 0.10.6 have been moved to legacy.vuejs.org.

Changes since 0.11.0-rc3

  • paramAttributes option now auto strips data- prefixes and uses camelized attribute name as the property name. Docs
  • If there is a leaving transition, the destroyed hook is now called after the transition has finished and the element has been removed from the DOM.
  • JavaScript transition functions now have their this context set to the owner vm.
  • Fixed: #512, #517, #520, #531, #536, #539, #541