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Gnucleon version 0.1

Legal crap

The code for this game (the file "") is released into the
Public Domain because I can't be botherered to run around answering
questions about licensing for a little experiment I spent a couple of
hours on.

How to get it to work

Gnucleon is made in Java, which I know I know, is not yet Free, but it
is the language taught throughout Sheffield University so it is what I
know. If the already compiled version doesn't work for you (running
the file "Gnucleon" should do it) then you may have to compile it
yourself. The ways of doing this vary, but the (not Free yet) Sun
way of doing it is to have the Java Software Development Kit (SDK) and
run "javac". Then you can try running the "Gnucleon"
file again. If that doesn't work... Well, I am a complete n00b and
that is why it is version 0.1. Feel Free to improve it if you want, it
is in the Public Domain so therefore it is yours :)

How to play

The current setup has 2 human players and a board of 12x10 squares.
These can be changed by editing the file.

Playing is relatively simple:

The squares on the board represent atoms. The atoms start off with no
nucleons (the bits in the middle, surrounded by the spinny bits),
hence the number zero on them.

Players take turns adding nucleons to the atoms, which is done by
clicking on a square (atom).

Any atoms a player adds to become owned by them.

Players can only add to their own atoms, or empty ones.

Once atoms reach a critical mass they explode.

The critical mass of an atom depends on the number of neighbours it
has. Atoms in the corners only have 2 neighbours, so their critical
mass is 2. Atoms around the edges have 3 neighbours, so their critical
mass is 3. The rest of the atoms have 4 neighbours so their critical
mass is 4.

When an atom explodes it sends one nucleon to each of its neighbours.

These neighbours become owned by player who caused the explosion.

If the neighbours become critical due to receiving this new nucleon
then they explode, causing chain reactions.

If a player loses all of their atoms then they lose the game. (This
is not yet detected, so you'll have to look for it yourself)

Known bugs

If extremely huge chain reactions happen then some errors appear on
the command line and the reaction quits early without switching to
the next player.

There is no visual feedback when large chain reactions are being

A decent GUI is being worked on. Honest.

The end

I hope that this at least doesn't detract from your happiness at all,
even if it doesn't add to it :)

Thanks for reading, hope you have fun