BSD Licensed Bignum Library
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zz0.h Added C++ guards to .h files. Dec 29, 2013


BSDNT version 1.0

BSDNT is a BSD licensed bignum library, suitable for use by languages which
need to provide bignum support and for other projects requiring relatively
fast bignums.

The primary goal of the project is to have clean, comprehensible, 
well-documented code, whilst retaining reasonable performance. It is not
a goal to insanely optimise where that would make the code less readable
and maintainable.


* Support for Linux, OSX, BSD, MinGW32, Cygwin, Cygwin64
* Inline assembly optimisation for 64 bit Intel and AMD x86_64 processors
* Low level multiprecision natural numbers interface (nn.h)
* High level multiprecision integer interface (zz.h)
* Very extensive test code
* SHA1 implementation
* KISS / SuperKISS / Mersenne_twister pseudorandom number generators


Currently we require bash, gnu make and gcc 4 or later or clang.


To build bsdnt and run the test code

$ cd bsdnt
$ ./configure
$ make check


The user will most likely use the interfaces in nn.h and zz.h.

All of the functions are documented in those two files.

Future improvements

* Unroll assembly loops
* Assembly support for more processors
* Multiprecision rational number interface
* Multiprecision floating point interface
* Simplify and merge the BSD licensed fft found here:
* Asymptotically fast algorithms for GCD, get_str, set_str, division (??)
* Square root and n-th root code


William Hart, Brian Gladman, Antony Vennard, Gonzalo Tornaria, Howard Mao,
Lee Wei Yeong, Ryan Goulden.

See the LICENSE file for legal info and warranty information.

Contributions are welcome. There is a Google group here:!forum/bsdnt-devel


William Hart - 1-1-2014