💻 Development Vagrant VM with Docker, Samba and Mail sandbox (customizable)
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adyp and mblaschke Feature: VM configuration non-tracked and add template file (#114)
* Convert main vm.yml configuration file into a defaults file

* Adapt Ansible and Vagrant scripts to use alternate configuration files

* Scratch the no longer used (and unmaintained) defaults settings file from Ansible

* .gitignore: add the user-defined vm.yml file

* .gitignore: ignore also backups and copies for vm.yml

While at it, extend ignore rule for /disks to cover any deeper structure
(it is the case for Parallels provider disks)
Latest commit 323256b Dec 5, 2017


Vagrant Docker Development-VM

latest ubuntu-16.04 License MIT

Vagrant Development VM login

Support for:

  • VitualBox
  • VMware (preferred)
  • Parallels (preferred)

What is Vagrant?

Vagrant is a tool for automatic creation, configuration, management and provisioning of VMs inside VirtualBox, VMware and Parallels (and others). It will create and manage all VM network interfaces, shares and settings (eg. number of cpus, memory...).

Hint: Vagrant doesn't provides GUI tools, it's just a CLI tool.


  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Docker daemon
  • HTTP Reverse Proxy (dinghy reverse proxy)
  • Consul with registrator
  • Mail sandbox (catches all local and outgoing SMTP connections, with IMAP service)
  • Samba shares (eg. for Windows)
  • Local development environment



Thanks for your support, ideas and issues

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