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Bootstrap template with simple gauges (for Weewx v3)

This skin uses the Bootstrap front end and some home made generators to create simple gauge representations of the current weather, and a colourful monthly history summary.

To see a live example of this skin, visit this weather site for Royston, UK:

Before we begin...

  1. This has been tested on weewx version 3.0.1 running on Ubuntu linux 14.04 (PC) and on Raspbian Wheezy (Raspberry Pi).
  2. Works with sqlite, mysql, and any other weewx supported database.


Later developments, including possibly unverified versions of the code can be found here:


Use the Weewx extension installer:

wee_extension --install [wherever you've put the .tar.gz archive]

Web content is stored in public_html/Bootstrap.

More information

Can be found on the github page here:


  1. Front page Front page

  2. History page History page

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