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🏠 Personal dotfiles for *NIX (macOS and Linux) systems.


👉 One-liner (if you trust me):

curl -fsSL | bash
💡 (Tip) You only need to remember curl (Click to expand)

🤔 Want to manually clone and install? (Click to expand)

$ git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles
$ cd ~/.dotfiles && python

The installation script will clone the repository into ~/.dotfiles and create symbolic links (e.g., ~/.vimrc) for you. If target files already exist (e.g. ~/.vim, ~/.vimrc), you will need to manually resolve the conflict (delete the old one or just ignore). See Troubleshooting below for details.

$ dotfiles

To update dotfiles (pull changes from upstream and run again):

$ dotfiles update
$ dotfiles update --fast          # fast update mode: skip updating {vim,zsh} plugins

On Linux, you can install some common softwares locally (into $HOME/.local/bin) without sudo:

$ dotfiles install neovim         # -> ~/.local/bin/nvim
$ dotfiles install ripgrep        # -> ~/.local/bin/rg

🆘 Troubleshooting

Please read carefully warning messages during installation !!

  • If something goes wrong, please run $ dotfiles update (or to make everything up-to-date.

    • Please carefully READ the error/warning message printed by the installation script.
    • If you have your own ~/.zshrc, ~/.vimrc, ~/.vim, etc., that are NOT symbolic links, they will not be overwritten by default. In such cases you should delete these files manually.
  • Q: I see some weird icons like in (neo)vim or in the statusline.

    • A: Use Nerd fonts v3. If you haven't upgrade to Nerd fonts v3.1.1 or higher, upgrade to v3 due to the new (breaking) Material Design Icons codepoints.
      • Note: JetBrainsMono Nerd Font Mono JetBrainsMono NFM (nerd-fonts v3.1.0 is buggy)
    • Mac users can install via: brew install --cask font-*-nerd-font.
      • (Minimal fonts only brew install --cask font-jetbrains-mono-nerd-font)
    • To upgrade existing installations, try brew reinstall --cask $(brew list | grep nerd-font).
  • If neovim + treesitter emits an error like query: invalid node type, run :TSUpdate (and wait for installation is done).

  • If neovim cannot run due to version 'GLIBC_2.29' not found errors (on Ubuntu 18.04 or earlier), you should upgrade your Ubuntu distribution to 20.04+ in order to run nvim 0.8.x or higher. If you use appimage binary of neovim, this will work in Ubuntu 18.04; install neovim through dotfiles install neovim or NEOVIM_VERSION=0.9.4 dotfiles install neovim.

  • If neovim emits any startup errors (e.g. no module named neovim):

    • Use latest neovim (e.g., neovim 0.9.5). To install/upgrade neovim on your system, you can run dotfiles install neovim (linux) or brew install neovim (mac).
    • Try :checkhealth.
    • Try :Lazy update: some errors from vim plugin could be easily solved by updating plugins to date. You can do :Lazy update (in vim) or $ dotfiles update (in zsh).
    • We require python3 version not less than 3.6. See
    • Make sure that the pynvim pypi package is installed on local python 3, i.e. the python3 on conda, virtualenv, etc. This should have been automatically installed. If it doesn't work, check which python3. Use the following vim command to tell which host python is used: :echo g:python3_host_prog.
      • If you are not sure, manually running python3 -m pip install --user pynvim might help.
  • Does vim color look weird (e.g. only black-and-white)?

    • Check whether your terminal emulator supports 24-bit color. Use iTerm2, wezterm, or kitty; NOT built-in Terminal.
    • Latest Mosh (1.4.0+) support 24-bit colors, so try upgrading mosh if you are using it.
    • Try :set notermguicolors to temporarily disable 24-bit colors.
  • Does tmux look weird? Make sure that tmux version is 2.3 or higher.

    • Run $ dotfiles install tmux to install tmux into $HOME/.local/bin, if you do not have sudo.
  • If you are still lost, or you've found a bug, please feel free to contact me or raise an issue --- I will happy to assist.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2012-2024 Jongwook Choi (@wookayin)