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The Best Local Dev Server for WordPress Developers
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.vagrant Fixes for 0.17.1 Aug 7, 2018
.vscode Update .vscode/launch.json to point `serverSourceRoot to `/projects/w… Jul 2, 2018
docs Add README for docs/mkdocs Jul 5, 2018
mkdocs Merge branch '0.17.0' Jul 2, 2018
sql Adding in a README for .SQL Jul 5, 2018
www Fix `WP_CONTENT_DIR` for `BOX_DIRECTORY_LAYOUT` == 'skeleton' May 6, 2019
.gitattributes Added a standard .gitattributes file Jul 31, 2018
.gitignore Fixes for 0.17.1 Aug 7, 2018 Cleaned up CHANGELOG for 0.17.1 Aug 8, 2018 Update and (but more updates of these two to come.) Apr 6, 2018
LICENSE.txt Branch 0.16.0 merged from 0.16.0-rc, still not ready to tag as 0.16.0. Apr 5, 2018 README formatting Aug 11, 2018
VERSION Added version file. Jul 31, 2018
Vagrantfile Remove add_aliases from Vagrantfile and rename startup to start. Aug 1, 2018
mkdocs.yml Various updates for 0.17.0 Jun 27, 2018
project.sample.json Fixes for 0.17.1 Aug 7, 2018

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We are in the middle of updating our documentation.

If you are interested in our progress you can find it here.


Help us write tests for WPLib Box. (It is actually really easy, assuming you know Bash.)

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