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@xavier150 xavier150 released this Jun 16, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

  • New: Alembic animation, Export and Import
  • New: You can now change the CollisionTraceFlag of the StaticMesh (Collision Complexity)
  • New: It is now possible to choose in the name of the root bone for the skeleton in addon preferences (if "Armature" Ue4 will remove the root bone)
  • New: You can check export_ExportOnlySelected = True for export only the selected assets groups
  • New: You can chose what python intergration use for Import Script. ( /!\ With vania python integration some features like StaticMesh Lod or SkeletalMesh Sockets integration do not work )
  • New: You can chose a presets for nomenclature export properties
  • New: You can chose the Sockets scale for SkeletalMesh and StaticMesh
  • Change: The all collision are now named with two suffix. Type_MeshName_##
  • Change: new potential errors will be detected in the potential error report(CheckArmatureMultipleRoots)
  • Fixed: in 2.8 the Addon can try to export removed mesh and crash
  • Fixed: in 2.8 bpy.context.scene.update() have be removed and this do script error
  • Fixed: in 2.8 Export sequencer do error (The variables of Depth of Field have be renamed)
  • Fixed: set clipboard with encode('utf8') do error
  • Fixed: Sockets are not attached to bones with illegal caracters (bone.001 -> bone_001)
  • Fixed: Sockets are exported with a offset in AdditionalParameter
  • Fixed: Reimport skeletalMesh with import sript can do unreal crash in 22.2
  • Fixed: command bpy.ops.object.checkpotentialerror() don't work if not run with the button
  • Fixed: CheckVertexGroupWeight does not detect if a VertexGroup is not used by a bone
  • Fixed: in 2.8 Mesh select error vertex don't work good
  • Fixed: In Unreal 22.2 the sequencer with imported fbx camera don't have transform. (Now the camera use AdditionalParameter file for import transform)
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