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Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from Panel

Used to display charts and a grid with axes and labels. Use the Series property to specify the list of DataPoints.


Property Description
Title Gets or sets Area title.
XAxis Gets or sets X axis.
YAxis Gets or sets Y axis.
Series Gets or sets list of Series.
LayoutBounds Gets layout bounds for series interior.
BackgroundTemplate Gets or sets data template for grid representation.


Method Description
GetSeriesLayoutBounds() Calculates layout bounds without tick and tittle labels.
Invalidate() Invalidates Area and all it's children.
GetActualPoint( Point point ) Converts point in user logic coordinates into actual pixels point.
GetActualPoint( DataPoint point ) Converts DataPoint into actual pixels point.
HighlightSeries( Series series, bool highlighted ) Sets highlighted state for specified series.


Event Description
LegendRefresh Raised when need legend items refresh.
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