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Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from Slider

The MaterialSlider represents a slider control that uses the material colors and animations.


Property Description
BubbleLocation Gets or sets the location of the bubble.
BubbleTemplate Gets or sets the bubble's DataTemplate.
MaterialAccent Gets or sets a value representing the material color palette that will be applied to the control.
MaterialAccentBrush Gets or sets the color that will be used as the control's background and border.
MaterialForeground Gets or sets the color to use as the control's foreground.
Mode Gets or sets the slider's mode.
NearestTick Gets the tick that is the closest from the current value.
ShowTicks Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ticks are shown.
ThumbResizeScaleFactor Gets or sets the scale factor to use for the thumb when its Mode property is set to ThumbResize.
ThumbStyle Gets or sets the thumb's style.
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