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Spaun (nengo 2.0 version)
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Running the Spaun [1]_ model in Nengo 2.0.

.. [1] Chris Eliasmith, Terrence C. Stewart, Xuan Choo, Trevor Bekolay,
   Travis DeWolf, Yichuan Tang, and Daniel Rasmussen. A large-scale model
   of the functioning brain. Science, 338:1202-1205, 2012.

Running with Nengo OCL

If you want to run with ``nengo_ocl``:

    python -d 512 --ocl --ocl_platform=1 --ocl_device=3

    - the -d flag sets the dimensionality of spaun,
    - the --ocl flag tells the run script to use ocl
    - the --ocl_platform flag tells it what OCL platform to use
    - the --ocl_device flag tells it what ocl device to use on said platform
      (this flag is optional, it's used in the context creation for pyopencl)

To determine the ``ocl_platform`` and ``ocl_device`` of the device you want to
use, see ``pyopencl.create_some_context()``.

To enable OCL profiling, find where the ``nengo_ocl.Simulator`` is created
in ````, and uncomment the version that has provifiling enabled.
Also uncomment the line to print profiling.
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