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An extensible WebGL-based engine for high-detail 3D visualisation
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An extensible WebGL-based engine for high-detail 3D visualisation.


Using the Plugins

To keep the core library small, SceneJS dynamically loads it’s non-core functionality from a directory of plugins, which it loads on-demand from the plugins directory within this GitHub repository.

You can hotlink to this library if you're OK with using the plugins from this repo and don't need any plugins that provide textures, (because those textures won't load cross-domain).

If not, then just do this:

  1. get a copy of the library
  2. get the ZIP archive of plugins
  3. unzip that archive, say to directory myDir
  4. configure SceneJS to load the plugins from there, like this:
    pluginPath: "./myDir/plugins"

Then off you go, start building a scene:

var myScene = SceneJS.createScene({
    // ...

Read more in the Quick Start tutorial.

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