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JMathPlot: interactive 2D and 3D plots

Provides interactive 2D/3D plot (without openGL) :

2D/3D scatter plot
2D/3D line plot
2D staircase plot
2D/3D histogram plot
2D/3D boxplot
3D grid plot
2D/3D quantiles on plots 

Note: for a true OpenGL java plot library, try the good jzy3d project

Example Java code

import org.math.plot.*;
  double[] x = ...
  double[] y = ...
  // create your PlotPanel (you can use it as a JPanel)
  Plot2DPanel plot = new Plot2DPanel();
  // add a line plot to the PlotPanel
  plot.addLinePlot("my plot", x, y);
  // put the PlotPanel in a JFrame, as a JPanel
  JFrame frame = new JFrame("a plot panel");

Use it

Put in your java classpath

Or include maven dependency:



  • create a new PlotPanel instance: PlotPanel plot = new Plot2DPanel();
  • add a plot inside plot.addLinePlot("my plot", x, y);
  • use the PlotPanel as any Swing component (all PlotPanel extends JPanel, in fact)