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[RLSS 2019] Bandits, RL & Deep RL: Practical Sessions.
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RLSS 2019: Pratical Sessions

Setup and Installation

Two choices are available to you:

  • running the notebooks on Google Colab 📙 if you want to take advantage of the GPU acceleration it offers;
  • running the notebooks elsewhere (locally or on a server).
Google Colab

It has it's own VM so you only have to install the necessary packages from inside the notebooks.


You can use the rlss2019-docker image. Here you'll find the instructions for installing and running the rlss2019-docker image on Linux, MacOS or Windows.



Reinforcement Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Final Project

Misc./Known issues

You are running Windows and want to install a Virtual Machine running Ubuntu 18.04? Here is a tutorial. You may also want to directly install the Ubuntu terminal on Windows 10.


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