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Welcome to the OpenSpades wiki!

This wiki contains latest information about 0.1.0+ and some historical information too.

Questions and Issues

Note: If you think something is wrong or missing, you can ask for it to be added in the wiki using our Issue Tracker

External Links

OpenSpades Manual

  • Getting Started - First time? read this quick intro
  • Directories - "Where did screenshots go?" "Where's log file?" "Where should I install .paks?"
  • Config Variables - Information about each advanced setting
  • Settings - Information about each available setting that can be changed via GUI
  • Localization - Information about the localization system
  • Common Issues - Guide to solve common issues
  • GUIs - Detailed information about all graphical user interfaces
  • Command-line arguments - Self-explanatory
  • Quirks - Temporary page for information that don't fit elsewhere for now


  • Modding - Very useful information for modders
  • Translation - Learn here how to create, publish and update translations

For Developers

Technical Resources

OpenSpades history

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