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This page will show you how to build OpenSpades


  • If you wish just to download the latest dev snapshot, you can go to the Snapshots page
  • Compiling OpenSpades can take quite some time depending on you computer settings
    • You computer may be slowed down during the build procces
    • If this happens, its recommended to leave it alone during the build proccess.


  • Windows

    • Visual Studio 2015
    • Visual studio 2013 (no longer supported)
    • CodeBlocks IDE (not available yet)
    • Command-line (not available yet)
  • GNU/Linux

    • Debian, Ubuntu and other debian-derived distros (WIP)
    • Generic Linux (WIP)
  • Mac OS X

    • XCode (WIP/help wanted)

Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Visual Studio 2015

  • If you haven't already, install CMake for Windows
  • Download the latest source code
  • Add external sources and dependencies to OpenSpades
    • Navigate to Sources/Externals/
    • Download the external source code
    • Extract it inside Sources/Externals, merging the lib and include folders
  • Run CMake
    • Open CMake GUI
    • Set the source directory as your root of the source code (e.g E:\openspades)
    • Set the build directory as Root/openspades.msvc (eg. E:\openspades\OpenSpades.msvc).
    • Press configure button
      • If it asks to create the OpenSpades.msvc folder, confirm
      • Set the compiler as Visual Studio 14 (2015)
      • Make sure its not the 64-bit one
    • Press generate button
  • Open openspades\openspades.msvc\OpenSpades.sln in Visual Studio 2015
  • Build the solution. The recommended build type is MinSizeRel or Release for non-developers.
    • The build output will be at openspades\openspades.msvc\bin\BUILD_TYPE
  • Copy all .dll files from Source/Externals/lib to the build output directory.
  • To get audio working, download a Windows release of OpenSpades, extract it, and copy the following dlls to the build output directory:
    • For OpenAL audio: openal32.dll
    • For YSR audio: YSRSpades.dll, libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, libstdc++-6.dll, pthreadGC2.dll
  • Download the Non-free pak, extract it, and copy Nonfree/pak000-Nonfree.pak to the Resources folder inside your build output directory, which is probably E:/Projects/openspades/openspades.msvc/bin/BUILD_TYPE/Resources. You can also copy the paks contained in Official Mods/ folder of OpenSpades 0.0.12b to add more fonts and improve localization support of your build.

Note: If you messed up the CMake process, open again the CMake gui, go to File and select Delete cache.

Note 2: Having trouble? Watch this video (stub))