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Welcome to the Domemaster3D Wiki

Click the Pages Tab to start browsing the fulldome stereo wiki contents. If you are new to Domemaster3D based fulldome or immersive VR production, you can read the Maya Domemaster3D Tips and Tricks page, or the Maya DomeAFL_FOV_Stereo and Maya LatLong_Stereo pages for a summary of the general rendering workflow.

This Wiki table of contents section is in English, you can read the Japanese translated version here.

Installation Topics

General Topics

Quick Toolbar/Shelf Summary

3DS Max Wiki Pages

Maya Wiki Pages

Softimage Wiki Pages

Arnold Wiki Pages

Maxwell Wiki Pages

Vray Wiki Pages

VR & Immersive Content Production Tutorials


The Fulldome Blog

EleVR Blog

Aaron Bradbury - Luniere


NSC Creative

Roberto Ziche

Toshiyuki Takahei - Orihalcon Technologies

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