python interfaces to the JINA reaclib database
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Python interfaces to the JINA reaclib nuclear reactions database. The main goal is to provide a parser for the reaclib format to produce either a callable python function for a rate or output the python code for a function that can be incorporated into a rate module.

For performance reasons, the common temperature factors needed by a rate are stored in a Tfactors class---a Tfactors object is passed into each rate function to get the rate.


import reaclib

r = reaclib.Rate("c13-pg-n14-nacr")

# output python code for this rate
print r.function_string()

# evaluate this rate at T = 1.e9 K
print r.eval(1.0e9)

Also see the Jupyter notebook: pyreaclib-examples.ipynb


This package requires

  • numpy

  • scipy: only needed for the example integrator

  • periodictable: needed to get Z from element symbol, necessary for sorting

  • matplotlib: needed for plotting the rate

  • networkx: for visualizing the network


  • output Fortran functions as an option

    • integrate OpenACC support
  • output Cython code

  • return a polynomial fit to a rate in a given interval

  • create a Ydot() class that can both output dYdt[nucleus] and evaluate dYdt.

  • color the edges on the RateCollection plot according to which nuclear process they are (e.g., a,p), and add a legend showing the basics