WB climate game. Android version, game made from scratch.
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Android WB Climate

WB climate game. Android version, game made from scratch. This game was an entry for the Worldbank's Apps for climate challenge.

When developed, the project used SVN as the primary source control. All the development and changes history was lost when ported to github.

You can find the game (and documentation) on the woldbank's site

And you can download the game for free at Google's play store

##We used

  • Eclipse (IDE editor)
  • Android SDK


  • Alejandro Mostajo
  • Jose Cruz
  • Pablo Valda


The project is under creative commons license. You may share and copy for personal purposes such as learning and improving. You can remix it; if you are going to publish your remix, you must let Amsgames (us) know about it and mention us in the credits and splash screen.

If you fix a bug or want to improve the game and you want us to update the published game; let us know so we can include you in the project's team. After your inclusion and changes, we'll update the game; we reserved the rights of chosing who to include in team.

By cloning or forking this project, you are approving these policies.


WB climate is a game made in 2012 by Alejandro Mostajo, Jose Cruz and Pablo Valda. With the collaboration of Amsgames © 2013 Amsgames Studio.