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Apocalypse Design

Public Domain repository

We are an Italian demoscene group active in the late 90s and early 2000. We released PC demos and PC 64K intros at various European demoparties.

Here, more than 10 years later, we are collecting everything we can find of our old demoscene-related stuff.

The code you can find in this repository is pretty outdated, badly written (often in a hurry) and you should definitely avoid reusing it. We are releasing this stuff only because we want to preserve it for our own memories, and to preserve a bit of the Italian demoscene history. Furthermore if you can understand Italian you may find some funny comments in the source code.

Some of the C++ projects have been updated and fixed to work on current PCs, porting the projects to Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop (which is a free download) and upgrading the DirectX code to version 9. In some cases we also updated third-party libraries to the latest versions. Some other projects are still in the original format and may not even compile.

We are releasing all this code and data as Public Domain. This means you can do anything you like with it. Obviously this does not apply to external libraries, which have their own license.

Apocalypse Design members in random order:

  • Turbo - code mainly of the 3D engine and 3DS Max exporter
  • Ska - code mainly of 2D effects, design
  • Here aka h3r3 - code mainly of demo-system and effects, tools, graphics
  • Tecn - code of some 2D effects