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Using single H1 tag per page #383

websanya opened this Issue Jan 14, 2014 · 6 comments

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According to comments in this article one doesn't simply use multiple H1 tags on one page. Underscores uses H1 for all the stuff: articles, nave and sidebar widgets.

Maybe we should make it more seo-friendly, according to comments in the above article search engines doesn't use HTML5 Document Outline, neither screen readers do =(.


Definitely. +1000000

article title in archive should be h2
widget title should be h3


This has been discussed on multiple occasions, for example here: #232


cool, but the commenters over here suggest the other way, this HTML5 semantic stuff isn't supported in any User Agent or Search Engine or Screenreader.

Over here:


This is the 16th "h1 issue" on _s. Closing as wontfix. Feel free to change h1 to another tag after generating a theme with _s, if you think that will help.

@kovshenin kovshenin closed this Jan 14, 2014
mrwweb commented Jan 24, 2014

@kovshenin has the accessibility side of this debate ever actually been discussed on the h1 issue? I'm not finding much in the issues on Github, but the more I read the more I think some changes (probably not all) may be in order. If I open a new, carefully researched ticket, will it get heard out?


@mrwweb I don't think the accessibility side of this issue has been discussed before, so sure :)

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