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Support for output parameters in stored procedured #73

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Suggest (+1) support for output parameters on stored procedures.

For example if I have

EXEC    @return_value = [user_get_data]
        @user_id = @user_id OUTPUT,
        @user_type = @user_type OUTPUT,
        @login_name = N'heiko'

 where @user_id, and @user_type are int's and @login_name is a varchar

And node syntax could look something like the following:

conn.query( 'user_get_data',  ? , ?, ?, paramArray, function ( err, result ) { ...

    paramArray[0] would be first output param, 
    paramArray[1] would be second output param, 
    paramArray[2] would be input param


conn.query( 'user_get_data',  'userID', 'userType', 'loginName', paramObj, function ( err, result ) { ...

where initially
    paramObj['loginName'] = 'heiko'
    paramObj['userType'] = undefined
    paramObj['userID'] = undefined

and after successfull execution
    paramObj['loginName'] = 'heiko'
    paramObj['userType'] = 23424
    paramObj['userID'] = 1

or any other syntax suggestions here ...

Let me know If I can help in any way.

Regards, Heiko


This is a very good Enhancement request, thanks for putting in so much detail!


Would be nice to get output parameters from stored proc calls working.

When doing something like:
conn.queryRaw("{CALL DumpTestTable (?,?)}", [p1, p2], function (err, results) { ...})
and the results are all in, the variables p1 and p2 should be updated with the values.

Would make the whole mssql node interface a real world interface and not just an experiment.



I agree with CycoPH concerning the need for output parameter support. Without an ORM like Entity Framework I had given some thought to using just sprocs for all data access for consistency reasons instead of a mix of ad hoc queries and sprocs but the lack output parameters doesn't make that possible yet. It will be a good addition when added.


What would you guys think if output parameters were returned as a pseudo result set? Instead of updating the passed in variables, the parameters would be returned an 'output_params' event?

The thought is that metadata and other information about the parameters would be available as well.


I like that idea. It would also be way simpler to implement with your current code base. We can always write a mapping from the output parameters to the actual parameters in JS.

One thing to remember is the actual return parameter of the stored proc.


Great. Thanks for the feedback.


Any solution that will allow for output parameters will be welcome. :)

We are currently holding back on porting parts of our current system to node until there is proper support for stored procedures.
(Our current system in implemented in C++ using OLE DB templates that call SQL stored procedures - and we would like to break this system into smaller components - some of which will run as node modules)


This is something that I also find very useful (parameters returned as pseudo result set).
As it is now,calling a stored procedure that returns a result set, how can one read this resultset?


It should just come back as a normal result set. Are you not seeing this?


Yes, it works ok. The problem was -as I found after a lot of trial & error- that I had an insert statement and then a select one and it was not returning anything. Not until i put "nocount on".


I have some questions:

  1. For now on node.js application, is there any way to get output parameters from stored procedure in MS SQL Server? Are there any other node.js packages with this feature, which I can use before releasing newer version of msnodesql? (I know I can use ADO.NET using edge.js, but I'm thinking about way without using CLR)
  2. When will be next relase of msnodesql?

There is a way to get the output parameters. Declare the SQL similar how the Management Studio would do it:
DECLARE @return_value int,
@bonus_answer int,
@bonus_reason int

EXEC @return_value = [dbo].[bank_get_all_info]
@user_id = 1,
@bonus_answer = @bonus_answer OUTPUT,
@bonus_reason = @bonus_reason OUTPUT

SELECT @bonus_answer as N'@bonus_answer',
@bonus_reason as N'@bonus_reason'

This last select will make the return variables show up in the JSON structure.


Thanks for answer.


Yes, thank you @CycoPH for the answer.

For now this is our guidance on using output parameters until we implement proper support for them.


Is there an update regarding support for output parameters? This is currently the only major feature that appears to be lacking in node-sqlserver.


There have been no updates to the driver that support output parameters. Currently the comments above outline the only method for output parameters supported.

Thanks for your interest in the node-sqlserver project.

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