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TypeScript + Hapi = <3

This is a super simple starter kit to develop APIs with HapiJS + TypeScript

What currently supports?

This starter kit comes with the following features:

  • Swagger-UI
  • Status Monitor
  • .env files support
  • nodemon for hot-reload
  • Pretty Console Logger with Winston
  • Work with Yarn or NPM 6 as dependency resolvers
  • Code formatting with Prettier as hook for Pre-commit
  • Dockerfile + docker-compose for development
  • Basic Test Suite with Tape
  • Coverage Report
  • Supports Heroku Deployment
  • Supports Prettier for code formating
  • Supports commitlint via husky to have standarized commit messages


  • NodeJS > 12.x
  • NPM > 6.x

How to use it?

  1. Download this project as a zip.
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm run nodemon:start
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080/documentation to view swagger docs.
  5. Visit http://localhost:8080/api/users to test the REST API.
  6. Visit http://localhost:8080/status to view the status monitor.

UPDATED: Now there's a CLI that currently support creating a new project from this repo: create-typescript-api


This is not finished, there's still a lot of things to improve. Here you got some:

  • Simple test suite - added by the help of @jcloutz
  • Add support for test coverage - added by the help of @jcloutz
  • Add GraphQL support
  • Add support for Auth with JWT or Sessions
  • Add support for TypeORM/Mongoose
  • Add support for Jenkins pipeline


What are the package.json scripts for?

  • build-ts: Compiles typescript based on config set in tsconfig.json.
  • start: Starts node with the compiled typescript. Used by eg. Heroku.
  • docker:logs: View Docker logs
  • docker:ps: List Docker containers
  • docker:start: Start Docker container based on docker-compose.yml file.
  • docker:stop: Stop Docker container
  • nodemon:build: Starts the Nodemon using ts-node. No need to compile beforehand.
  • nodemon:start: Same as nodemon:build
  • format:lint: Runs tslint on the typescipt files, based on tslint.js settings.
  • format:prettier: Runs prettier on all ts-files.
  • postinstall: Runs build-ts script. This is used by eg. Heroku automatically.
  • test: Runs tests using nyc, and creates coverage report.


If you found a bug, or you have an answer, or whatever. Please, raise an issue.


Of course, if you see something that you want to upgrade from this library, or a bug that needs to be solved, PRs are welcome!


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


πŸš€ Starter for building APIs with Hapi + Typescript!





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