HTML5 Canvas API implementation for Microsoft Blazor
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HTML5 Canvas API implementation for Microsoft Blazor

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Blazor Extensions

Blazor Extensions are a set of packages with the goal of adding useful things to Blazor.

Blazor Extensions Canvas

This package wraps HTML5 Canvas APIs.

NOTE: Only Canvas 2d is supported. WebGL will come later (contributions are welcome!).


Install-Package Blazor.Extensions.Canvas



The following snippet shows how to consume the Canvas API in a Blazor component.

On your _ViewImports.cshtml add the using and TagHelper entries:

@using Blazor.Extensions.Canvas
@addTagHelper *, Blazor.Extensions.Canvas

On your .cshtml add a BECanvas and make sure you set the ref to a field on your component:

@page "/"
@inherits IndexComponent

<h1>Canvas demo!!!</h1>

<BECanvas ref="@_canvasReference"></BECanvas>

On your component C# code (regardless if inline on .cshtml or in a .cs file), from a BECanvasComponent reference, create a Canvas2dContext, and then use the context methods to draw on the canvas:

private Canvas2dContext _context;

protected BECanvasComponent _canvasReference;

protected override void OnAfterRender()
    this._context = this._canvasReference.CreateCanvas2d();
    this._context.FillStyle = "green";

    this._context.FillRect(10, 100, 100, 100);

    this._context.Font = "48px serif";
    this._context.StrokeText("Hello Blazor!!!", 10, 100);

Contributions and feedback

Please feel free to use the component, open issues, fix bugs or provide feedback.


The following people are the maintainers of the Blazor Extensions projects: