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Library to decode MJPEG streams. Sample code showing usage is included with the distribution. For more information, see the full article at Coding4Fun.


MJPEG Decoder v1.2.1 by Brian Peek

There are several assemblies in this package. Select the one that matches the project type you're building:

  • MjpegProcessor.dll – WinForms and WPF
  • MjpegProcessor.winmd - WinRT (AnyCPU, so will work with x86/x64 and ARM)
  • MjpegProcessorSL.dll – Silverlight (Out of Browser Only!)
  • MjpegProcessorWP7.dll – Windows Phone 7 (XNA or Silverlight)
  • MjpegProcessorWP8.dll – Windows Phone 8
  • MjpegProcessorXna4.dll – XNA 4.0 (Windows)

See the full article at Coding4Fun:


v1.2.1 - WinRT fix so response streams are properly disposed - The remaining assemblies remain at v1.2

v1.2 - WinRT support - Error event handler - Note that the WP7 and XNA assemblies are deprecated, remain at v1.1, and do not contain the Error handler event v1.1 - Credentials can be passed to ParseStream (thanks to patricker for the suggestion)