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Pascal binding for SFML
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PasSFML - Simple and Fast Multimedia Library for Pascal

SFML is a simple, fast, cross-platform and object-oriented multimedia API. It provides access to windowing, graphics, audio and network. It is originally written in C++, and this project is an inofficial binding for the Pascal language. It makes use of the C wrappers from the CSFML bindings.

You can find SFML here:

SFML is released under the the zlib/png+ license. The license can be optained here:



You can get the current development version from the git repository (


Currently Delphi and FPC/Lazarus are supported. However, due to a compiler incompatibility with the Delphi compiler (solved with workarounds), FPC is recommended at the moment.


For Linux development it is necessary to also install the libcsfml-dev package.


There is no tutorial for PasSFML, but since it's a binding you can use the C++ resources:


SFML and PasSFML are open-source projects, and they need your help to go on growing and improving. Don't hesitate to post suggestions or bug reports on the forum (, submit patches by e-mail, or post new bugs/features requests on the task tracker ( You can even fork the project on GitHub, maintain your own version and send us pull requests periodically to merge your work.

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