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Access Control with AWS S3
Access Control with Dropbox
Angular Service
Authentication using HID NFC Tags
Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway
CoAP Integration
CoAP Lib
Implementing a Forgot Password Feature
Integration with Facebook
Integration with GCloud BigQuery
Integration with GCloud PubSub
Integration with GitHub
Integration with Google Maps Reverse Geocoding
Integration with Impinj/ItemSense
Integration with Kandy WebRTC
Integration with Open Movie Database
Integration with Salesforce
Integration with Stripe
Integration with Twilio SMS
Integration with Twitter using IFTTT
Integration with Watson Analytics
Integration with goTransverse
IoT Device Management
JMS Integration
Library q for promises
MQTT Demo for Infobright
SEWIO Packet Sniffer using ClearBlade
SNMP Integration
Sending Emails with Mailer
Sending Emails with Mailgun
Sending Emails with SendGrid
Stepper Motor Pattern
Utilizing Node Red
Utilizing Real Time Location Services
Utilizing Rules Engine


This ClearBlade Patterns repository contains various ways to integrate and use external services and features with the ClearBlade Platform. It also shows how to use the existing features on the platform to build simple, yet powerful, IoT features.


  1. If you have not done so already, please create a free developer account at
  2. These patterns will require a familiarity with the ClearBlade Platform, so get in there and mess around. Try a tutorial or two at the link below!

Further Documentation

Tutorials and more detailed documentation can be found at: