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A Unix-type operating system implemented in javascript to run in the browser
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Javascript OS

A Unix-type operating system written in javascript to run on any javascript engine


The API is pretty simple it consists of creating machines, creating users, logging them in, opening terminals and running some commands

To create a machine you just run new Machine("You machines name") or the definition

new Machine(<name>, <fsData>)

<name> is you machines name, if you want it (it isn't used anywhere yey)

<fsData> optional the data you want to populate the filesystem (see FilesystemJS)

To create a user it's easy: machine.createUser("your username", "your authentication method") and the def is...

<machine>.createUser(<username>, <authenticationMethod>)

<machine> is the machine you are creating a user on

<username> is the username of the user you wish to create

<authenticationMethod> is you method of authentication default: 'always'

To login run machine.login("your username", "your password", function callback() {}), or of course the definition

<machine>.login(<username>, <password>, <callback>)

<machine> is the machine you created

<username> is the username you want to login as

<password> is of course the password (depending on what authentication method it will have to be of different format)

<callback> is the callback for when you get logged in it gets 2 parameters an error (which i seem to forget) and a session

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