A Unix-type operating system implemented in javascript to run in the browser
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#Javascript OS A Unix-type operating system written in javascript to run on any javascript engine

#API The API is pretty simple it consists of creating machines, creating users, logging them in, opening terminals and running some commands

To create a machine you just run new Machine("You machines name") or the definition

new Machine(<name>, <fsData>)

<name> is you machines name, if you want it (it isn't used anywhere yey)

<fsData> optional the data you want to populate the filesystem (see FilesystemJS)

To create a user it's easy: machine.createUser("your username", "your authentication method") and the def is...

<machine>.createUser(<username>, <authenticationMethod>)

<machine> is the machine you are creating a user on

<username> is the username of the user you wish to create

<authenticationMethod> is you method of authentication default: 'always'

To login run machine.login("your username", "your password", function callback() {}), or of course the definition

<machine>.login(<username>, <password>, <callback>)

<machine> is the machine you created

<username> is the username you want to login as

<password> is of course the password (depending on what authentication method it will have to be of different format)

<callback> is the callback for when you get logged in it gets 2 parameters an error (which i seem to forget) and a session