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Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag
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Simple HTML5 Charts using the canvas element


You can find documentation at The markdown files that build the site are available under /docs. Please note - in some of the json examples of configuration you might notice some liquid tags - this is just for the generating the site html, please disregard.


Chart.js is available under the MIT license.

Bugs & issues

When reporting bugs or issues, if you could include a link to a simple jsbin or similar demonstrating the issue, that'd be really helpful.


New contributions to the library are welcome, just a couple of guidelines:

  • Tabs for indentation, not spaces please.
  • Please ensure you're changing the individual files in /src, not the concatenated output in the Chart.js file in the root of the repo.
  • Please check that your code will pass jshint code standards, gulp jshint will run this for you.
  • Please keep pull requests concise, and document new functionality in the relevant .md file.
  • Consider whether your changes are useful for all users, or if creating a Chart.js extension would be more appropriate.
  • Please avoid committing in the build Chart.js & Chart.min.js file, as it causes conflicts when merging.
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