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I'm Ivan Polyacov and this is my code library which I'm making and using in my games and other projects since early 2000x at Apus Software. It is used in many games including Spectromancer, Astral Heroes and others. Most code I wrote myself, but some minor parts were taken from other sources. I'm gonna share my code under BSD license, so please feel free to use it either "as is" or copy@paste any fragments you want.

Please keep in mind that I wrote this code for myself, so while there are many stable and convenient parts, there are also many unfinished, untested, poorly commented or just bad parts. I really hope to make things better: more tests, documentation, refactoring etc., and it would be really helpful if you can support my development:

Please support me on Patreon:

Documentation / Tutorial - live document, feel free to comment or ask questions.

Title sponsor of development:


This release was possible because of support of my patrons:

  • Eli M
  • Dave W
  • Ken Ramsey
  • David Millington
  • Michalis Kamburelis (Castle Game Engine)
  • Gary Chike
  • Gerry Chike
  • David York
  • Tristan Marlow
  • add your name - support me on Patreon!

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