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CycloneDX Python SBOM Generation Tool

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This tool generates Software Bill of material (SBOM) documents in OWASP CycloneDX format.
Supported data sources are:

  • Python (virtual) environment
  • Poetry manifest and lockfile
  • Pipenv manifest and lockfile
  • Pip's requirements.txt format
  • PDM manifest and lockfile are not explicitly supported.
    However, PDM's Python virtual environments are fully supported. See the docs for an example.
  • Conda as a package manager is no longer supported since version 4.
    However, conda's Python environments are fully supported via the methods listed above. See the docs for an example.

Based on OWASP Software Component Verification Standard for Software Bill of Materials's criteria, this tool is capable of producing SBOM documents almost passing Level-2 (only signing needs to be done externally).

The resulting SBOM documents follow official specifications and standards, and might have properties following cdx:python Namespace Taxonomy, cdx:pipenv Namespace Taxonomy, cdx:poetry Namespace Taxonomy .

Read the full documentation for more details.


  • Python >=3.8,<4

However, there are older versions of this tool available, which support Python >=2.7.


Install this from Python Package Index (PyPI) using your preferred Python package manager.

install via one of commands:

python -m pip install cyclonedx-bom   # install via pip
pipx install cyclonedx-bom            # install via pipx
poetry add cyclonedx-bom              # install via poetry
# ... you get the hang


Call via one of commands:

cyclonedx-py             # call script
python3 -m cyclonedx_py  # call python module CLI

Basic usage

$ cyclonedx-py --help
usage: cyclonedx-py [-h] [--version] command ...

Creates CycloneDX Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) from Python projects and environments.

positional arguments:
    environment   Build an SBOM from Python (virtual) environment
    requirements  Build an SBOM from Pip requirements
    pipenv        Build an SBOM from Pipenv manifest
    poetry        Build an SBOM from Poetry project

  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  --version       show program's version number and exit

Advanced usage and details

See the full documentation for advanced usage and details on input formats, switches and options.

Python Support

We endeavour to support all functionality for all current actively supported Python versions. However, some features may not be possible/present in older Python versions due to their lack of support. However, there are older versions of this tool, that support python>=2.7.


This tool utilizes the CycloneDX Python library to generate the actual data structures, and serialize and validate them.

This tool does not expose any additional public API or symbols - all code is intended to be internal and might change without any notice during version upgrades. However, the CLI is stable - you might call it programmatically. See the documentation for an example.


Feel free to open issues, bugreports or pull requests.
See the CONTRIBUTING file for details.

Copyright & License

CycloneDX BOM is Copyright (c) OWASP Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
Permission to modify and redistribute is granted under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.
See the LICENSE file for the full license.