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Ansible roles

This is a collection of Ansible roles I've used to provision my various servers.

It contains the following roles:

  • Common - Installs vim and mosh, creates locales and sets timezone.
  • DFBnc - Clones, builds and configures DFBnc, with a self-signed cert.
  • Java8 - Adds the webupd8 team PPA and installs Java 8.
  • MySQL - Installs MySQL and generates a random root password.
  • Nginx - Installs NGinx
  • NodeJS - Uses the setup script from, and installs nodejs.
  • Python-dev - Installs packages required for Python development.
  • Sentry - Installs the sentry error logging platform.
  • SSHd - Configures SSHd, and deploys/revokes root SSH keys.
  • Sudoers - Configures the system to look in /etc/sudoers.d for sudo config.
  • Sudo-user - Sets up one user to use sudo, with or without a password requirement.
  • TapChat - Installs TapChat and its dependencies.
  • TeamCity Agent - Downloads, unpacks and configures a TeamCity agent.
  • User - Create a user account.
  • Uswgi - Installs and configures uwsgi, and adds an init script for it.


Generic roles for ansible



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