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Datadog APM client for Java
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tylerbenson Merge pull request #756 from DataDog/mar-kolya/b3-headers
Implement B3 headers extraction and injection
Latest commit 18c7916 Mar 21, 2019
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.circleci Support Unix Domain Socket proxy to send traces Mar 15, 2019
dd-java-agent Merge pull request #772 from DataDog/tyler/status-error-mapping Mar 21, 2019
dd-trace-ext Use lombok builder for Tracer construction. Jan 29, 2019
dd-trace-ot Review changes. Mar 21, 2019
dd-trace Review fixes Feb 8, 2019
gradle Remove unnecessary license checker Feb 22, 2019
.gitmodules Use git submodules to load metrics.yaml files Jan 8, 2019
LICENSE Create LICENSE Jul 13, 2017
LICENSE-3rdparty.csv Remove Byteman now that instrumentation is migrated Dec 7, 2017
NOTICE Create NOTICE Jul 13, 2017
dd-trace-java.gradle Support Unix Domain Socket proxy to send traces Mar 15, 2019
gradlew.bat Add gradle build scripts. Jun 30, 2017
settings.gradle Restructure hibernate integration Mar 20, 2019

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