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Documentation site for Datadog

Built with hugo, a static website generation tool.



  1. Install hugo

  2. Install npm

  3. Install Python3 (you can also use pyenv)

  4. Install gulp: npm install -g gulp

  • Download the documentation repo git clone

Run the server

Inside documentation/ folder, create a Makefile.config file from the Makefile.config.example

If you are a Datadog employee, add your Github personal token

To run the site and perform administrative tasks (compile metrics, create i18n placeholders, etc), just execute:

make start

Documentation is available at http://localhost:1313


To use the Makefile, create a Makefile.config. See the instructions at the top of the Makefile.config.example.

After you have a config file you can run make help to see options:

clean-build               remove build artifacts.
clean-exe                 remove execs.
clean-integrations        remove built integrations files.
clean-node                remove node_modules.
clean-virt                remove python virtual env.
clean                     clean all make installs.
hugpython                 build virtualenv used for tests.
source-helpers            source the helper functions used in build, test, deploy.
start                     start the gulp/hugo server.
stop                      stop the gulp/hugo server.

Working on Docs

Datadog Staff

  • Always branch off of master; never commit directly to master.
  • Name your branch slack_handle/your_feature if you would like to create a preview site and run tests.
  • When you are ready to commit, create a new pull request to master from your branch.
  • Consult our contributing guidelines.

Outside Contributors

  • Fork the master branch.
  • When you are ready to commit make a pull request back to DataDog/master.
  • Consult our contributing guidelines.

A note about markdown

This site uses Blackfriday for markdown. To learn about the syntax, see this site.

If you include ANY Markdown in a file, give it an .md extension.

Make sure all files are lowercase. Macs are case insensitive when creating links to images and pages, but the server is not so tests may be fine locally but the site will fail in production.


If you receive an error regarding There was a problem getting GitHub Metrics, please see the Github personal access token.

Within 5 minutes of merging to master, it deploys automatically. You can see the status in the internal Datadog Slack #documentation channel.

How to add a new integration

See the dedicated doc page