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We've all been waiting for the day when const { get, set } = Ember; wouldn't blow up. Well, that day has come!

The recent release of JSCS 2.0 brought about lots of exciting new features and fixes, some of which are backwards incompatible. As such, ember-suave is getting a major version bump as well.


  • #54 Remove custom rule disallowSpacesBeforeSemicolons
  • #51 Upgrade to JSCS 2.0
  • #48 Default to showing the rule name next to each error message
  • #29 Find a rule to disallow space before parentheses in object method shorthand notation

Breaking Changes

  • The previous disallowSpacesBeforeSemicolons custom rule has been removed as it is now built into JSCS as disallowSpaceBeforeSemicolon (note the slight name difference).
  • If you've previously created a custom .jscsrc file in your project to override ember-suave defaults, please take note of the deprecated rules that JSCS 2.0 has now removed.