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:octocat: A curated awesome list of flake8 extensions. Feel free to contribute! 🎓
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DmytroLitvinov Remove deprecated extensions and not supported for v3 flake8 (#37)
flake8-type-annotations - Deprecated and is no longer required after flake8 >=3.7. Handled via E225 and E252 violation checks.

flake8-per-file-ignores - Discontinued in favor of the per-file-ignores option built into flake8 >=3.7. But be aware that the built-in option uses different syntax.

flake8-putty was introduced in v2 version of flake8. Right not they do not support flake8 v3
Latest commit f9358e6 Jan 30, 2020

Awesome Flake8 Extensions Awesome

A curated list of awesome flake8 extensions.

Inspired after reading a post.


Clean code

Extensions for clean code at your project.


Extensions for copyright at your project

  • flake8-copyright - Adds copyright checks to flake8.
  • flake8-ownership - Checker for assuring that author, copyright, and license are specified in source files.


Extensions for documentations at your project.

Enhancement for flake8

Extensions for flake8 plugin

  • flake8-polyfill - A tiny package that provides the poly fill for Flake8 plugins trying to support Flake8 2.x and Flake8 3.x.
  • flakehell - Wrapper to make it nice, legacy-friendly, and configurable.

Flake8 frameworks

Frameworks for flake8 at your project

  • nitpick - Enforce the same lint configuration (flake8, isort, mypy, pylint) across multiple Python projects.
  • wemake-python-styleguide - The strictest and most opinionated python linter ever.


Extensions managing imports for your project.


Extensions for security of your code.

  • Dlint - Tool for encouraging best coding practices and helping ensure Python code is secure.
  • flake8-bandit - Automated security testing using bandit.


Extensions for testing at your project.

Type annotations

Extensions for type annotations at your project.


CC BY 4.0

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