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Awesome flake8 extensions Awesome

A curated list of awesome flake8 extensions.

Inspired after reading a post.

Table of Contents

Clean code

Extensions for clean code at your project.


Extensions for testing at your project.


Extensions for security of your code.


Extensions for documentations at your project.

Enhancement for flake8

Extensions for flake8 plugin

  • flake8-polyfill - A tiny package that provides the poly fill for Flake8 plugins trying to support Flake8 2.x and Flake8 3.x
  • flake8-per-file-ignores - Ignore individual error codes per file with flake8
  • flake8-putty - Flake8 plugin to control reporting per file and line


Extensions for copyright at your project

Flake8 frameworks

Frameworks for flake8 at your project