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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Apr 2, 2019 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • Collabora: egroupware-collabora-key package allowing to install supported Collabora container on-site
  • Api: When printing lists ask for print orientation and size columns to fit
  • Mail: fix S/MIME fails with addresses not written in lowercase
  • Mail: fix opening a forwarded mail as attachment into an existing compose dialog fails
  • Mail: check non-utf8 body, if it might be utf-8, to display readable
  • All apps: fix custom-field display for date-time and custom data_format like YmdHi
  • Api/Filemanager: create in non EPL missing /templates and app-sub-directores
  • Filemanager/WebDAV: handle url-special chars like %, # and ? correctly
  • Filemanager/EPL/GoodSync: also ignore temp. files (no gsdata used)
  • LDAP/AD/UCS: fixed sending mails to groups used as distribution lists
  • ActiveDirectory: fix "not a valid GUID" error, when getting an avatar of a group
  • Addressbook: fix photos not imported via Import / Export
  • Addressbook: move photo change flag from import into vcal so it's always set if needed
  • Setup: fix failed/partial restores for charsets not utf-8
  • Timesheet: fix SQL error searching, if there are custom-fields
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Feb 25, 2019 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • All apps: improved speed when searching with (many) custom-fields
  • Install: non-package installs use now install-cli.php and composer, instead of myrepos (mr)
  • Mail: meeting-request was not shown inside multipart/related
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fix accounts not synced for preference account-selection "groupmembers"
  • CalDAV: work around Lighning not having synced event before accepting
  • Calendar/Email: multiple users of external meeting request no longer overwrite each other status when accepting
  • Addressbook: fix photo was lost when non-admin user edited own account
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Feb 14, 2019 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • Calendar/CalDAV: fix yearly recurring events stalling sync
  • All apps: fix linking of filemanager files to entries, if there is no file yet
  • Api: update dependencies and install PEAR packages now through Composer
  • Mail: fix not working sending and receiving smime signed messages where certificates have more than 1 domain registered (subjectAltName)
  • Mail: take user's cutomfields type of email into account when searching for contacts in Compose -> TO field.
  • Mail: add default value settings for S/MIME passphrase expiration in site configurations
  • Import/Export: fix export to csv fails because of URL length limit
  • Resources - Fix resources not displayed in calendar if there's more than 20 in a category
  • Addressbook/PostgreSQL: fix SQL error when last/next date column is enabled
  • Tracker - fix ticket list custom date filter did not appear properly
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Jan 11, 2019 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • Api: show maintenance release as version-number everywhere
  • Api: truncate varchar for all DB types now, as MariaDB 10.3 also errors on to big content
  • Api/Filemanager/WebDAV: fix SQL error if login error or WebDAV path contains non-ascii chars
  • Calendar/CalDAV: store huge iCal attributes compressed to fix stalled sync of Outlook/Exchange events
  • Calendar/Mail: tell user if an event has been already already deleted when viewing a meeting request
  • Mobile theme: Fix inconsistent styling of submit buttons on login page, when browsing with Safari
  • Filemanager: fix missing empty directory context actions
  • Filemanager: treat GoodSync gsdata directory as hidden / not shown by default
  • Filemanager/EPL/GoodSync: ignore gsdata directory for versioning and subscriptions
  • Mail: implement new preference to configure mail identity label shown as mail folder header
  • Addressbook: add site configuration to disable Last/Next Event column
  • Projectmanager: move format for ID generation from config to settings to allow eg. group-specific IDs
  • Extended changelog:
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Dec 5, 2018 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • SiteMgr: fix fatal error stalling EGroupware, if SiteMgr is installed
  • eSync: fix S/Mime messages stall synchronisation, they are not (yet) correctly handled
  • Versioning: when restoring directories also restore files and subdirectories (only for newly deleted directories!)
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Dec 4, 2018 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • CalDAV/CardDAV: allow up to 255 char UIDs to support OutlookCalDAVSynchronizer
  • Addressbook: private addressbook in newer installations could not be enabled
  • Addressbook: allow specifying the charset when importing vcard
  • Addressbook: add option to import that deletes contacts from addressbook that are not in the import list
  • Calendar: remove option to skip resource detection, we always do it now.
  • Calendar: allow specifying the charset when importing ical
  • Calendar: fix alarm removed if user is only participant because of group invitation
  • Calendar: fix missing week numbers on multiweek view and wrong scrolling
  • Calendar: fix recurring events were left out of merge from list
  • Calendar: add checkbox to turn on or off emptying calendar before iCal import
  • Import/Export: allow import plugins to specify their own sub-templates
  • Infolog: exclude current entry from parent select/search results to avoid loop
  • Infolog: add missing transformation array for infolog-widget
  • Api: fix radiobox not return current selected value but the first value
  • CardDAV/Addressbook: fix missing wrapping of notes field
  • Tracker: update actions (change options) when tracker or category is changed
  • Tracker: fix context menu change options not disabling when there are no valid options
  • Tracker: when copying a closed 100% complete ticket, reset status, percentage & resolution
  • Tracker: fix changing categories blocks the dialog from further actions
  • Filemanager/Versioning: adding a default time of 5.5 minutes to create a new version
  • WebDAV: fix updates with range requests eg. chunked uploades of huge files
  • WebDAV: fix encoding for Cyberduck or Mountain Duck clients
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Oct 18, 2018 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • Api: change default submit to async call and try to block user interfering with submitted popup until the response
  • Mail: do not let hierarchy delimiter inside folder names as it may break the folder structure
  • Mail: fix deleting mails from draft folder does not respect "move to trash" in delete message preference
  • Mail: fix signed/encrypted S/MIME new message does not take CC or BCC fields into account
  • Mail: avoid to send so many requests when user tries to scroll on mail list via key up/down
  • Calendar: iCal import: add option to specify owner of imported events
  • Calendar: fix adding events to days loaded and cached but not shown in current view
  • Calendar: fix multi-day events ending at 00:00 would only be shown for the first day
  • CalDAV: CalDAVSynchronizer: only allow owner/organizer to update or delete an event (not users with edit/delete rights)
  • CalDAV/Calendar: iOS sometimes created a new event when confirming a deleted one
  • Infolog/Timesheet: fix link title placeholders not working
  • Infolog: add a preference to check 'Do not notify' by default for selected types
  • Addressbook: fix birthday cache was not cleared when birthday edited
  • Resources: correct the field name from res_owner to res_creator
  • Notifications: do not fire another notification request unless the last one has been responded
  • Filemanager/SMB: fix directory creation failed on Samba (smbclient PHP extension)
  • Tracker: add config to re-open closed tickets if someone comments
  • Tracker: fix link title placeholders not working
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Aug 31, 2018 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • CardDAV: photo was not saved/changed in PUT requests
  • Mail: take opened compose dialogs into account when trying to forward attachment, share files into mail or vcard attachment from addressbook
  • Mail: fix S/MIME encrypted only composed mail fails
  • Mail: fix DASH DASH SPACE (-- ) signature removes lines which have only DASH DASH
  • Mail: set default refresh rate to 5 minutes for new installations
  • Calendar: Fix CSV export search results did not work (gave error)
  • Timesheet: Fix links to application custom fields are not created on first save
  • Login: fix in login page "remember me" options gets messy in IE or Edge
  • Resources: add (usable / quantity) for bookable resources in calendar participants results
  • Addressbook: Allow multiselection for customfield added to link title
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fix not working snozzing of alarms in Thunderbird
  • CalDAV/Calendar/Resources: do not allow to change resource quantity via CalDAV
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fix accepting invitations with an not attending organizer adds organizer as attendee
  • CalDAV/Calendar: dealing with Thunderbird setting partipant status on organizer
  • Timesheet: Admin only status also blocks editing & deleting for non-admins
  • Timesheet: only admins can select admin only statuses
  • Framework: fix broken favicon
  • Etemplate: timestamper widget now supports timezone attribute to force a certain timezone
  • Filemanager: make files and their paths clickable
  • Notifications: fix some calendar notifications event can not be opened, error: " app is not in registery!"
  • Api: Fix minified themes cause multiple theme false entries
  • Api: Fix row category colors go missing after a change
  • Tracker: fix missing fields in escalation time column
  • Registration: fix Site configuration layout
  • EPL: new streamwrapper for links with just versioning eg. for backups without virtual structure
  • Collabora: fix saving fails if the opened file name starts with umlaut.
  • Univention/Collabora: fix not working Collabora in 17.1.20180720
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Jul 25, 2018 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • Addressbook: inform the user about number of contacts adding to mail compose dialog via Email action
  • Addressbook: add filtering by distribution list for organisations
  • Addressbook: fix bug preventing turning off letter filter after some actions
  • Admin: fix admin-cli.php to understand bcrypt hashes in
  • All apps: adopt custom theme color for all dialogs headers
  • Api: fix enabled actions don't show up on nm initiation
  • Calendar: fix participant quantity lost when changing status
  • Calendar: fix missing first row in planner by category view
  • Calendar: fix EGroupware users were notified even if they choose not to in their preferences
  • Calendar/Mail: handle meeting requests for single recurrences and exceptions
  • Calendar: fix notifications show actions for alarm notify messages
  • Calendar/CalDAV: sending correct iMip REPLY to mail invitations and only reply to external chair
  • Mail: implement new preference for toggle actions. For instance, switching Cc, BCc or S/MIME Sign always on when trying to compose an email.
  • Mail: fix some smime signed messages get recognized wrongly as encrypted
  • Nginx: fix error: upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream
  • Notifications: group notifications base on entry ID to help minimizing number of notifications on the list
  • Notifications: fix sql query error happens for PostgreSQL
  • Univention: fix not working password change (setting Kerberos credentials)
  • Tracker: fix issue text part of some html tickets mail notifications contain html parts
  • Tracker: fix inline images from comments are not getting resolved properly
  • Tracker: fix inline images from mailhandling are not getting resolved properly
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Jun 25, 2018 · 1752 commits to master since this release

  • Addressbook: fix SMime/PGP public key import not containing a newline after the key
  • Addressbook: Fix incorrect validation error from contact owner when editing import definition
  • Addressbook: Disable merge contacts action if more than one account is selected
  • Infolog: Provide duration, pricelist & unit price when creating a timesheet
  • Calendar: add context menu actions for email & documents to non-list views
  • Calendar: fix event positioning bug in yearly planner view
  • Calendar: Mail all participants action now uses BCC instead of TO
  • Calendar: reset the default alarm if you switch an existing whole day event to duration
  • Calendar: Add preference to update calendar view immediately when navigation calendar in sidebox is changed
  • Calendar: fix week header rendering problem in some languages
  • Calendar: fix SQL error during purge caused by droped SyncML support
  • Calendar: Open timesheet from recurring event on selected occurence instead of first occurence
  • Calendar: Move some general preferences into a new tab "Configuration"
  • Mail: fix from address in mobile template
  • Mail: avoid javascript error blocking context menu from SpamTitan check when row data not found
  • Mail: warn user when there's no space left for storing sieve rules because of sieve_maxscriptsize limit
  • Api: Clear recipients between merges to avoid sending subsequent merges to previous contacts
  • Admin: allow to show last login, IP and password change in list
  • Admin: Implement new feature to upload multiple images for login background image in site-configuration and show them randomly.
  • Admin: fix bulk password reset to work on minimal install / no longer require old phpgwapi
  • Import/Export: fix only global categories available for export filtering, no app categories
  • Tracker: disable first notification for a new ticket if auto-reply has an introduction message
  • Tracker/API: change description, replies and history-log to longtext (was text=64k)
  • Tracker: when copying a ticket, if user does not have permission to change the creator the copying user is used instead of the original ticket creator
  • Projectmanager: Make project title a link to element list
  • Timesheet: Fix general price list items unavailable after clicking 'Save & New'
  • News: Fix NaN in nextmatch total if there are no news categories
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