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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Apr 20, 2021

  • 4th and now feature-complete 21.1 pre-release
  • EPL: new application firewall allowing to restrict login based on IP address, time, user or group-membership and 2-Factor-Auth
  • EPL/Kanban: allow to collapse, expand and move columns and swimlanes
  • Login: new start animation / throbber
  • SAML/Shibboleth: update phpSimpleSAML to 1.19.0 to support Shibboleth v4.0
  • SAML/Shibboleth: fix metadata-URL to container eduPersonUniqueId or a custom OID, if specified
  • SAML/Shibboleth: fix not stored custome OID and added eduPersonUniqueId
  • Calendar: Fix quick-add did not pass changes to start time on to edit dialog
  • Calendar: Fix missing line breaks in event tooltip
  • Timesheet: Fix created was overlapping with status
  • CalDAV/CardDAV: fix freebusy-URL for users and support basic auth with regular user credentials too
  • Mail: fix losing inline images after being re-saved as draft or created as new
  • All apps: many small fixes and improved PHP 8.0 support
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Apr 6, 2021

  • 3rd 21.1 pre-release using PHP 7.4 by default
  • Notifications: Add refresh handler for notifications (click on Notifications header)
  • Calendar: Add contextmenu action for video-conference events to access recordings for BBB
  • Calendar: move calendar search from side-menu to toolbar and add favorits (mobile theme too)
  • API/Resources: allow custom icons for categories
  • Kanban: allow to collapse/expand columns and swimlanes
  • PHP 8.0: many bug fixes and separate test-containers with tags 21.1-8.0 or 21.1.20210406-8.0
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Mar 29, 2021

  • 2nd 21.1 pre-release now supporting PHP 7.4 and using it in the container
  • Infolog: Fix details / no details filter preference was not saved
  • Kanban: default actions of apps are now available on the cards
  • Status/BigBlueButton: support record a meeting and play/download it via calendar
  • Status/BigBlueButton: ad hoc (not scheduled) video calls are no longer deleted on call end and can be toggeled in calendar like cti calls
  • Admin/ActiveDirector: fixed user list was empty
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Mar 24, 2021

  • Infolog: Fix details / no details filter preference was not saved
  • Notifications: fix notification sub messages (grouped entries) would still show up even though their parent message once been deleted
  • CalDAV/Calendar: fix weekly recurring events without explicit weekday (BYDAY) were not using start-date
  • CalDAV/Calendar: participants without status were not imported for new events (eg. from Thunderbird)
  • Calendar: New context menu action to manually [re]send notifications
  • Calendar: Make resources stand out more in conflict list
  • Calendar: Fix timespan in tooltip was wrong if event had seconds in start or end time
  • Calendar: Fix alarm for all users had wrong timezone when user timezone was not server timezone
  • Calendar: Fix event notifications had the wrong times in iCal attachment if user timezone was not server timezone
  • Addressbook: Fix missing distribution lists
  • Timesheet: Fix created time was wrong in user timezone was not the same as server timezone
  • Preferences: Fix deleting multiple categories only removed the first
  • RocketChat: Fix unread messages no longer get updated
  • Status/Videoconference: fix screen sharing in videoconference dialog not working on Firefox
  • Status/Videoconference: fix attempting to join a call event before it is created by its moderator resets the counter
  • Tracker: Offer "Multiple changes" action to tracker admins
  • EPL/mail: support SpamTitan REST API to manage spam, requires an API token
  • FPM/Container: start more php processes by default and keep them running to better cope with high usage
  • PHP: Support for PHP 7.4 (container of this maintenance release still uses 7.3)
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Mar 18, 2021

  • first beta of upcomming 21.1 release (CE already feature complete, EPL still working on firewall feature)
  • EPL/Kanban: boards for tasks, projects, tickets or as sales-funnel for the sales department
  • smallPART: video-based learning now with Single-, MultipleChoice or open questions for tests and exams
  • Filemanager: complete rework of sharing allowing now to mount shares of other users or open multiple sharing links
  • Filemanager: allow to mount WebDAV shares from other EGroupware, NAS or *cloud
  • Dark Mode theme for EGroupware
  • EPL/Telephony Integration: enhanced with caller ID, opening of CRM view and call history displayed also in calendar
  • Tracker/Addressbook: using now push updates too
  • many small enhancements in all modules
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Jan 25, 2021

  • Admin: Context menu action to clear user credentials
  • Status/Videoconference: fix broken fullscreen mode in BBB client
  • Calendar: Fix videoconference link in event tooltip
  • Calendar: Fix event notifications had the wrong times in iCal attachment if user timezone was not server timezone
  • Calendar: Fix bug where yearly planner would not show events that went outside the displayed time period
  • All apps: Add context menu action on linked files to copy them somewhere else
  • Etemplate: Avoid "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined"
  • Mail: New "Save As" preference option to attach just the mail, no mail attachments
  • LDAP/Addressbook: use accounts filter from setup for accounts addressbook too
  • Projectmanager: Fix async notifications were sent out to too many users
  • Projectmanager: fix some modification dates were stored in user time
  • Tracker: Fix export filter for groups was allowing non-group accounts as options
  • Tracker: Add resolution to the fields that escalations can change
  • FPM/Container: start more php processes by default and keep them running to better cope with high usage
  • Extended changelog
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Dec 17, 2020

  • Status/Videoconference: add support for BigBlueButton videoconferencing, it can be configured via Status app's site-configuration
  • Collabora: support Collabora Online 6.4
  • Admin/EMail: display administrative IMAP actions folder ACL and vacation notice in IMAP tab too
  • Mail: Config setting for how many mailing lists are returned in address search results
  • Setup: fix no accounts found for SQL instances
  • Calendar: Fix missing / incorrect recurrence date in cancel notification iCal
  • Calendar: Show correct event date when notified of a single cancelled recurring event
  • Calendar: Fix quick add 'Save' button would close the whole window, if it had been opened by a different window
  • Calendar: Fix todo sizing / scrolling
  • Addressbook: fix 'undefined' title shown for some contact links opened in CRM view tabs
  • SmallPART: CSV export of comments for course-owner and students own comments and recording time of comments
  • SmallPART: fixed not playing uploaded vidoes through egroupware-docker package update (container is not enough!)
  • Translations: Updated. Thanks to our community translators!
  • extended changelog
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Dec 2, 2020

  • API: call async-services via HTTP to fix diverse caching problems
  • Tracker: fix empty notification mail, if ticket was opened by following a link in notification mail
  • Addressbook: allow sharing of individual contacts to make them available to other addressbooks or users
  • Addressbook: Open CRM views into individual tabs
  • Addressbook: Fix newly added distribution lists could not be added to with the context menu
  • EPL/Policy: limit what contact-fields are shared and which are required to share in certain addressbooks
  • Ads/CardDAV/Addressbook: fix exception / HTTP status 401 when trying to delete an not existing distribution list
  • Filemanager: Put file creation & modification times in user timezone
  • Calendar: Fix quick add -> edit would incorrectly set end date
  • Saml/Shiboleth/SmallPART: allow to use affiliation attribute to sync with Teachers group
  • Projectmanager: Fix project links no longer get opened in element list view
  • Status/Videoconference: remove port from room-name, if EGw was setup with a url using a port
  • extended changelog
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Oct 28, 2020

  • Push: fix regression in keep-alive check causing clients sometimes creating a huge number of connections
  • Addressbook: allow to configure sending fax via email by replacing the number with an email address
  • ActiveDirectory/Mail: fix groups as distribution lists
  • ActiveDirectory: implement addtional user or group filter
  • Calendar: Fix missing category in event tooltip
  • RocketChat: show unread messages in status app and on tab header
  • SmallPART: fix not working LTI launch after last maintenance release
  • SmallPART: allow to record watched videos: start-, end-time, position, duration and paused times
  • SmallPART: fix not working iframe embedding by LTI host
  • SmallPART: add missing frame-ancestors ContentSecurityPolicy for LTI 1.3
  • SmallPART: allow to run a presentation / html overlay in sync with the video without need to modify video
  • Admin: fix IP address validation in site configuration
  • Updated translations
  • extended changelog
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@ralfbecker ralfbecker released this Oct 20, 2020

  • Swoolepush: fix access to undeclared static propertiy SwoolPush\Backend::$failed_attempts
  • Swoolepush: periodically pinging server from browser to detect lost websocket connection and reconnect
  • Api: detect if framework data is missing for popups too and redirect to cd=popup to load it
  • Api: setting configured server-timezone for the databases connection, to fix cases were they do not match
  • Admin: fix session list did NOT show interactive sessions, if push is used
  • OpenIDConnect/Guacamole: fix clients managed as EGroupware apps require Rocket.Chat run rights
  • Infolog: Responsible user in a different timezone would adjust the due date when saving
  • Mail: do not override existing compose fields with predefined values
  • Filemanager: fix drag and drop a file no longer working from outside of browser into the list
  • HTML Editor: fix bug in editing uploaded image
  • HTML Editor: add table button into html editor's toolbar
  • Rocket.Chat: fix not working login with newer desktop clients
  • Calendar: Current time line now spans all columns in single day view
  • Calendar/Merge: Fix {{link}} placeholder not working for HTML mails, use {{link/href}} to get a clickable link
  • Tracker: Fix export database values always gave 0 rows
  • PostgreSQL/SmallPART: fix installation / update to 20.1 failed
  • extended changelog
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