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Enlighter - Customizable Syntax Highlighter

Contributors: Andi Dittrich, aenondynamics Tags: syntax highlighting, syntax highlighter, highlighter, highlighting, classic editor, gutenberg, javascript, code, coding, sourcecode,customizable, visual editor, tinymce, themes, css, html, php, js, xml, c, cpp, c#, ruby, shell, java, python, sql, rust, matlab, json, ini, config, cython, lua, assembly, asm Donate link: Requires at least: 5.5 Tested up to: 5.5 Stable tag: 4.4.2 License: GPL-2.0 License URI:

All-in-one Syntax Highlighting solution. Full Gutenberg and Classic Editor integration. Graphical theme customizer. Based on EnlighterJS.


Enlighter is a free, easy-to-use, syntax highlighting tool for WordPress. Highlighting is powered by the EnlighterJS javascript library to provide a beautiful code-appearance.

Using it can be as simple as adding a new Enlighter Sourcecode block (Gutenberg) and insert the code which you want to highlight: Enlighter takes care of the rest!

An easy to use Theme-Customizer is included to modify the build-in themes without any css knowlegde! It also supports the automatic creation of tab-panes to display code-groups together (useful for multi-language examples - e.g. html+css+js)

Plugin Features

  • Full Gutenberg Editor Integration
  • Full Classic Editor Integration (TinyMCE)
  • Support for all common used languages
  • Powerful generic highlighting engine for unknown languages
  • Theme Customizer
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting
  • Advanced configuration options are available within the options page.
  • Supports code-groups (displays multiple code-blocks within a tab-pane)
  • Extensible language and theme engines - add your own one.
  • Simple CSS based themes
  • Integrated CSS file caching (suitable for high traffic sites)
  • Full GDPR compliant - no external resources are required, no data will be aggregated

Gutenberg Editor Integration

  • Full Editor Integration via "Enlighter Sourcecode" block
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting
  • Automatic transformations for classic editor posts (codeblocks converted to Enlighter Sourcecode block)
  • Transform legacy codeblocks to Enlighter Gutenberg Blocks (manual transformation)
  • Docs and Usage
  • Editor plugin repository

Classic Editor (TinyMCE) Integration


  • Markdown fenced code blocks
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting via backtick code (including language specific addon)
  • Docs and Usage


  • Crayon compatibility mode (use EnlighterJS highlighting for legacy Crayon pre codeblocks)
  • CodeColorer compatibility mode (use EnlighterJS highlighting for legacy CodeColorer shortcodes)
  • Jetpack markdown compatibility mode (generic or raw highlighting)
  • Gutenberg standard codeblock compatibility mode (no language attributes)


  • bbPress shortcode + markdown code blocks support
  • Dynamic Content via jQuery Ajax.load
  • Dynamic Content via Jetpack.InfiniteScroll

Texteditor/Shortcodes (Legacy)

Shortcodes are deprecated and should be used in text editor mode only - never use them within Gutenberg Editor or Classic Editor!

  • Easy to use Text-Editor mode through the use of Shortcodes and QuickTags
  • Shortcodes within content, comments and widgets
  • Standalone Shortcode-Processor to avoid wpautop filter issues in Text-Editor Mode

Supported Languages (build-in)

In case your language is not available try the Generic Mode which covers a lot of programming languages - or request a new language on GitHub

Related Links


All modern webbrowsers with enabled Javascript and HTML5 capabilities for "data-" attributes are compatible with Enlighter. It's possible that it may work with earlier/other browsers.

  • Chrome 60+
  • Firefox 60+
  • Safari 11+
  • Edge Browser 10+


System requirements

  • WordPress 5.0
  • PHP 7.0, including json functions
  • Modern webbrowser with enabled Javascript (required for highlighting)
  • Accessable cache directory (/wp-content/plugins/enlighter/cache/)


  1. Download the .zip file of the plugin and extract the content
  2. Upload the complete enlighter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. Goto to the Enlighter settings page and select the default theme which should be used.
  5. That's it! You're done. Just go into your editor and add an Enlighter codeblock via Gutenberg Blocks menu or Classic Editor toolbar


  1. HTML highlighting Example (Enlighter Theme)
  2. Visual Editor Integration
  3. Visual Editor Code Settings
  4. Visual Editor Inline/Block Formats
  5. Options Page - Appearance Settings
  6. Options Page - Advanced Settings
  7. Theme Customizer - General styles
  8. Theme Customizer - Language Token styling
  9. Special options for use with a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  10. Tab-Pane Example (multiple languages)
  11. Frontend Editing using wp_editor feature
  12. Theme Customizer - Live Preview-Mode

Upgrade Notice


Everything has been changed - read before upgrading - THIS RELEASE IS NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE

Frequently Asked Questions

The WordPress plugin related FAQ page is available on GitHub within the documentation repository!